Chapter Eleven | Finding Jennifer Book Teaser

Here is a little taste of what’s going on in Chapter Eleven of my upcoming novel – and sequel in the SEARCHING FOR KATHERINE series, FINDING JENNIFER. Enjoy!


Is Being A Writer A Risky Career Move? | 22 Blog Series

There are always risks in your work and career lives, whether it’s taking the new job, knowing when to leave you’re current one, or even deciding to take a step up in your career and aim for that promotion.

But when your career is a risk to start with, is anything really a risk?

10348746_10153887458267488_6596414944815876089_oWriting has never been a safe career. It’s not like becoming a dentist or a vet, becoming a lorry driver or a teacher. Writing is not a normal job in terms of finance and societal appreciation.

So why bother doing something that’s going to be so hard, so unappreciated, so underpaid (if paid at all), so challenging… because what is life without a little risk?

Of course writing is a risky career. But so is dance, or football, or music, or art. Anything outlandish, or sporty or creative. Anything ambitious is not easy: that’s the point of needing the ambition and the drive to become who you’ve always wanted to be. It takes hard work to create a masterpiece, but the end result is always worth it.

I will never be a well-paid writer or a full-time writer. Not because I don’t have the skill or the talent, but how many writers do you know? It’s not your 9-5 day job. It’s writing in the dark until 3 a.m. with a cold cup of coffee by your side. It’s characters running around in your head. It’s notebooks full of possible novels and creations and stories. It’s creativity in it’s purest form: storytelling.

So, yes, it’s risky – but the pay off; finding out someone liked your work, your characters, your world: it’s so worth the risk.


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22 Blog Posts For 22 Years | Blog Series

In two short days, I will be celebrating my twenty-second year on the planet, so I thought I’d celebrate it with a new blog series!

22 blog series

This time, it’s a blog series full of all the things that make me… me. Whether it’s my obsession with all things vintage, my love of tea, my struggles as an indie author, or my day-to-day life. I’m sharing it all with you guys!

Here is a list of the blog posts you should be expecting over the next few weeks, starting with the first post on 18th August 2016 – AKA, my birthday! and ending twenty-two days later (in theory…).

  1. Happy 22 Years To Me
  2. Personal Changes
  3. Is Being A Witer A Risky Career Move?
  4. The Fraudulent Writer | Prose
  5. Instant Culture
  6. Relationships
  7. Why Is My New Novel Is Taking So Long to Finish?
  8. Throwback to the 90s
  9. How to Add a Little Vintage to Your Life
  10. Look book: Summer Author Style
  11. How To Use Social Media To Expand Your Readership
  12. My To-Read List
  13. Me Before You Book and Movie Review
  14. Finding Dory Review
  15. A Bookish Day Out (Writerly Things to do in London)
  16. Doubts Every Writer Has
  17. Why I’ve Never Tried to go Mainstream with my Books
  18. Life After University
  19. How To Motivate Yourself To Write (or do anything)
  20. Short Story
  21. Long Poem
  22. 22 Reasons I’ve Never Given Up Writing (Quick List)

I really hope you guys like the series, and I hope it gives you a bit more of an insight into why I started this blog in the first place.


Indie Pride Day | Book Giveaway

Today is #IndieBooksBeSeen Indie Pride Day: a day to celebrate and share independent authors and poets from all across the world via social media.

Today, if you check the hashtags #IndieBooksBeSeen or #IndiePrideDay, you will see thousands of photos of Indie Authors holding up their #ISupportIndieBooksBeSeen signs, as well as a copy of their own book.

In celebration of #IndiePrideDay, I am doing my biggest giveway yet! Check my Instagram for full details and the actual post. 

quote yourself a freebie

QUOTE YOURSELF A FREEBIE! All you have to do to win is comment below with your all-time favourite book quote! I will be announcing the winner Saturday 2nd July 2016.

The winner will receive:

The rules are:

  • One entry per person.
  • No giveaway-only accounts (I will be checking!)
  • Must be entered on July 1st 2016. Any entries after midnight will not be counted.
  • You must be aged 13 or over (some of my books have explicit content) or have the permission of a parent/guardian to enter.
  • This is a world-wide competition.
  • Your entry must be in the comments/ Tweets of one of my original posts, i.e: this blog post, the Facebook or Twitter posts, or on my Instagram.

Good luck, and may the best bookworm win!

You Should Write EVERYWHERE

Writing is a lifer consumer. It swallows you up and spits out a socially-confusing creative who can’t pick a favourite book.

Writing is a forever-thing. It’s not a hobby that you pick up in your thirties for a few years and then move on. It’s part of you. Like an arm. You will always have that arm.

Writing should be somewhere in your head all day. Whether it’s when you’re out with your friends, and you tell a great story – you should write it down in a journal. Or when you’re buying a new notebook, you imagine all of the amazing words you will feel those pages with. And what those words could turn in to. 

I write in the shower. On the shower screen with my hands. I sketch and I write and sing and have conversations. I tell stories – as a writer, that’s my job. But it’s a privilege to do so I do it whenever I can.

I am obsessed with writing (not with words, I’m not one of those writers.) You should be obsessed with the things you love, because you’d be amazed what passion can do to a piece of writing.

“Use Your And” Campaign

The “Use Your And” campaign was started by Venus earlier this year to show how women are more than just one thing.

I’d personally like to say a huge well done to Carrie Hope Fletcher​ (author, vlogger, singer and actress) for taking part in this campaign – it is such a big issue we have that we have to pigeon hole ourselves as one thing. I’ve linked her video below because it’s such an important cause and I think we should all start using our AND.

So here I am – using my AND and taking a stand for people all over the world – not just women, but EVERYONE. We all have an AND. So let’s use them.

I am Melissa Holden. I am an author and a blogger and a student, and a daughter. I am an artist, and a bar maid and a friend and a girl. I am pretty and I am clumsy. I am intelligent and I am funny. I am silly and I am a reader and a writer. I am a poet and I am a sister and an aunt and a niece and a cousin. I am proud, I am a singer and I am short. I am me.

So who are you? Use your AND and tell me who you are.

2015: The Year Of The Author

2015 is not only the year of the Sheep (if you’re into all that Zodiac jazz) but it’s also the year of the author! Why? Because we’re going to make it so!


I am taking 2015 to become the author I always wanted to be, and once May rolls around I will be an official graduate in Creative and Professional Writing (BA Hons) which means I’ll be ready for some of my biggest projects yet! I have two big projects on the go in 2015 instead of several small ones, so I’m going to give you the inside scoop of what’s happening in Mel’s Year of the Author:


If you’ve been following my blogs, then you’ll know I am using a base story from AFTER US to write my next novel: THE GODS PROJECT. It’s still in the baby stages of planning, and I will be taking a lot of time to really research and plan this project, (because it’s all about space and science…I have no idea what I’m doing…) so it may end up being published in 2016 instead (depends on how my personal and work life pans out!). But I promise I will be keeping you updated over the course of the year so keep an eye out for more info!


This is a collaborative project that will involve 10 authors, 10 themes, and a whole lot of love. It will include writers old and new, and some completely unknown! This project really is a labour of love, and is part of my way of giving back to the writing community. It’s still in the early stages (I still don’t have 10 confirmed authors) but I can confirm that Jacob Shelley is involved closely with the project, as are some of the AFTER US authors.



You all know that I’ve been working closely with #IndieBooksBeSeen and Mark Shaw to help create a bigger and better world for indie authors. But did you know that they’re expanding in 2015? Oh yes! They’ve got treasure hunts, booktubers, book teasers, and I LOVE INDIEBOOKS coming soon!

Check out the video below to find out more: 

Do you have any projects in the works? Let me know in the comments. Seriously – I’m interested. 🙂