Deadlines | Poetry

Looming, you wait

around the corner,

crossing the dates

from the calendar;

taking the time

from our grasp

until the scope

zooms in fast,

and all too soon

it’s deadline day.

Blurring | Poetry

When the days blurrrrrrr

into one.

And everything fades

to obscurity,

the world makes the

most sense

in the dark.




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Goals Changed For The Better | A New Chapter

We all have a plan for our lives, whether it’s short term; ‘lose five pounds’, or long term; ‘I want to have a career in XYZ by the time I’m 30’. We all also know, that life likes to get in the way of our plans.


goals (1)

#goals graphic, created with Fotor by @melissaholden94


My original life plan (at 16) was as follows:

  • Do A-Levels
  • Get a job and earn money
  • Go on lots of holidays
  • Get married
  • Get a Husky called Jeff
  • Learn to drive
  • Get a big house

…And that was effectively all I wanted from life.

Then, at 18, this was my plan:

  • Go to university
  • Get a degree
  • Get a part-time job
  • Save loads of money
  • Write my first book
  • Go travelling
  • Rent a house with friends
  • Get a tattoo

I did well on some points, and not so well on others.

At 20, my plan looked a little like this:

  • Get a temp job in home town
  • Go do my Master’s in October 2015
  • Graduate
  • Rent a house with Ashleigh
  • Go travelling
  • Pay off my overdraft
  • Save money
  • Learn to drive
  • Write more books

20-year-old Me was ambitious and didn’t plan for other people to affect her life plan. I had to move back home to be close to an ill family member. I had to leave all my uni friends behind and get a job in Bluewater.


What I also didn’t expect, was to have graduated my Bachelor’s degree, moved back to the home town I hate, and fall in love with my new ‘supposed-to-be-for-six-months’ job. I ended up with a good, stable job in optics, and didn’t follow the plan. I didn’t start my Master’s degree in October. Instead, I was doing training at work to improve my skill set.

I ended up with a good, stable job in optics, and didn’t follow the plan. I didn’t start my Master’s degree in October. Instead, I was doing training at work to improve my skill set. I also, 2 years in, ended up being promoted to a Team Leader position, and am loving it.

I also didn’t move in with my best friend, because she moved back home to be close to her family, and to look after herself  – cannot argue with that, really.

Now, at 22 (nearly 23), my plan looks more like this:

  • Save my Student Loans and pay off my overdraft
  • Start my Master’s in October 2017
  • Graduate in June 2018
  • Finish writing Finding Jennifer
  • Move out to my own place
  • Start looking for ‘love’
  • Spend more time with my friends and family
  • Be present in the moment
  • Be positive
  • Blog more
  • Read as many books as possible

Perhaps some of those are loftier than others, but I love all my goals and aspirations the same. I am glad that my priorities have changed because it means I have grown and developed as a person, and I’m pretty proud of that.

What are your goals in life, and have they changed over the years? 


The Last Page Is The Kindest | Typewriter Tales



‘T’ (a poem)

image curtosey of pixbay.comLet’s tick the time away

take back tracks anew

trail behind our dragon’s tails

talking trouble in the trench.


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Life and Time Management: The Basics

I spend a lot of my time thinking about how much stuff I have to do. Then I give up and drink tea. Image

As a society, we are very good at making other people aware of how much we have to do within our busy lives, but when it comes down to it: a lot of us just panic. 

I think it’s time you and I learnt how to manage our lives better. Don’t you? 

Let’s start with the basics:

Day to day life should be easy, but things get in the way. I suggest download a Daily Planner App from your app store, to your phone.

It’s free, and is a great way to prioritize with a three-colour coded system to help you manage what’s more important: buying milk or handing in your assignment. If you have an iPhone, iTunes have loads of great apps too! 

Next up: Time Management

Now, this is a tip for students mostly. That, or anyone who has a flexible work schedule. If you know you have an assignment due for midday and you haven’t done it, and you lecture doesn’t start until 2 PM: don’t stay in bed until 11 AM and then rush it.

Set your alarm clock and get up at a sensible time. Allow yourself time for writing and editing the assignment. 

Better yet, do it when you receive the assignment to save yourself the stress! 

Time Management is crucial for those balancing different aspects of life, i.e: a job, studying, a family, etc. You need to remember that some things are more important than others, so if you have work to finish and your friends are trying to coax you into going to the pub: the work is more important. 


So there we go, just a few pointers on Time and Life Management. Hope it helps!