My Books

Here is a list of all of Melissa Holden’s self-published books to date:

The Snow Killer:

The Snow Killer by Melissa Holden

When Danny Fores loses his family in a car accident, he sinks into depression. Two years later, he’s still blaming himself for their death. When Danny meets Diane Warner, a thirty-five year old lawyer: she brings the good, the bad and the murderous to his door.

But can he cope?

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From Me, With Love:

from me with love 1

“From Me, With Love” is a collection of poetry dedicated to my late step-father Norman Brown, who died earlier this year.
This collection is designed to make you smile, make you cry, make you laugh, and make you remember. It’s about love, loss, romance, pain and joy.

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The Little Things: A Book of Haikus:


A collection of Haikus that will make you smile and make you think. They are about the little things, and the big things that happen in our every day lives.

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52 Writing Prompts: One For Every Week Of The Year :

52 writing prompts cover

52 Writing Prompts is for writers new and old who struggle in their free writing time. These prompts are designed to take the pressure off of writing. 52 Writing Prompts also includes the authors’ examples of each prompt.

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Drowsy In Dreams

Drowsy In Dreams Cover

Drowsy in Dreams is a collection of unrequited love poetry in every sense of the theme. The author uses different forms of poetry and spacing to help express the true meaning of the poem.

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Searching for Katherine

Searching for Katherine - Melissa Holden

Imagine being kidnapped by mistake. That’s Katherine. Now imagine marrying your best friend’s kidnapper. That’s Jennifer. Two best friends whose lives were torn apart by a man with two lives and a dark secret.

“Gripping.” – Stewart Ross, author of ‘The Soterion Mission’ Trilogy

“I couldn’t put it down!” – Jacob Shelley, author of ‘Put Title Here’ and ‘Life In Three Lines’

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