Countdown To Christmas: Days 14, 15, 16: TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS RE-MIX

Today you get my twist on a classic Christmas song:

On the first day of Christmas, my list gave to me:

A big purple suitcase

On the second day of Christmas, my list gave to me:

2 pairs of glasses

On the third day of Christmas, my list gave to me:

3 black jeans

On the fourth day of Christmas, my list gave to me:

4 funny t-shirts

On the fifth day of Christmas, my list gave to me:

5 presents to wrap

On the sixth day of Christmas, my list gave to me:

6 fluffy socks

On the seventh day of Christmas, my list gave to me:

7 device chargers

On the eighth day of Christmas, my list gave to me:

8 ugly jumpers

On the ninth day of Christmas, my list gave to me:

9 bars of chocolate

On the tenth day of Christmas, my list gave to me:

10 empty notebooks

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my list gave to me:

11 books to read

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my list gave to me:

12 random pens

Countdown To Christmas: Days 10,11,12 and 13!

Hi everyone! Sorry – I know I’m terrible at keeping these up to date, but I have exhaustion so it’s a bit hard to stay awake to do anything!

For days 10 – 13 you get an ANNOUNCEMENT (ooh!):

I am glad to announce that I will be re-writing THE SNOW KILLER in order to make it bigger and better!

This makes any copies of THE SNOW KILLER out there now Limited Edition (and probably signed) so lucky you if you have one!

The Snow Killer by Melissa Holden

I plan to have the work done by Spring 2015 but maybe don’t hold me to that. Lorna Holland (co-author of AFTER US) is helping me out for this one, so big shout out to her!


I will still be using the same cover that Mark Looker designed, just because I love it so much, and the current version will be available right up and till release day! I will also be adding a print edition of the book for all those paperback lovers out there.

I hope this was exciting news for you all – I know it’s got me feeling excited and festive!

Countdown To Christmas: Day 9 [Humourous Poem]

Sorry I’ve left today’s countdown post so late but I found the new McBusted album on Spotify.

ANYWAY – Christmas is only 2 weeks away and everyone’s getting excited about all the wonderful presents waiting to be opened. SO I thought I’d write you a funny poem about Christmas Day:

Glitter-wrapped gifts

under a store bought tree

kids waiting for the big day

knowing Santa is on his way

parents wishing the holidays  would never end

because they don’t want to work again

students grappling for the last piece of meat

because they haven’t eaten for 12 weeks

but finally Christmas Day comes around

the men head for a drink

women cry into the kitchen sink

the stuffing’s burnt

and your aunt hates peas

the cat has hidden the tinsel from the bloody tree

Granddad Jerry found the booze again

and now he’s sleeping in the den

but by the time the turkey’s done

everyone’s had their bit of fun

so it’s time to sit with the family

and pretend the food isn’t making you queasy. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

now somebody pass me a goddamn beer!

Countdown To Christmas: Day 3 (Searching For Katherine EXTRACT)

HELLO! It’s December 3rd and it’s time for another countdown post!

Today, you get an extract from my novel, Searching For Katherine, and if you like it then the purchase link is below! ( I know it’s not Christmassy, but at least it’s a present!)

searching for katherine 2

Extract Taken From Chapter 13:

Jennifer climbed out of the back of the limo, picking up her dress so as not to tread on it, her shoes clicking across the concrete pavement in the dark. Marcus followed behind with her suitcase and lifted her dress from the floor. She opened the building door and struggled through the door. “I can’t do this – stop.” She put her palm flat on Marcus’ tuxedoed chest: “I need to take this train off – Luca will go mental!”

Marcus untied her train and held it, bundled up in his arms. She took her keys from her sleek black clutch bag and unlocked their front door. Luca was nowhere to be seen, but she could hear him barking quietly to himself so she didn’t bother looking for him. Marcus followed behind, shutting the door with a backwards kick of his foot. He dropped the things on the sofa and gave an exaggerated sigh. Jennifer stood in the living room in her wedding dress.

“You look very out of place.”

“I feel it in this thing!” She picked up the edges of the dress and stared down at them distastefully.

“You look beautiful, though.” He smiled, leading her to the bedroom so she could sit down on the bed.

“It’s a shame your parents couldn’t come to the wedding. It would have been so nice to meet them.” Jennifer rubbed her swollen feet and released them from her white high-heeled shoes. Her dress spilled over the edge of her bed, like a giant meringue. She had been complaining all day about how extravagant the wedding had been and that the food was making her feel sick. Marcus thought it might have been her dress; she had said it was too tight, even though it had been altered two weeks before.

Marcus pushed some of her dress aside so he could sit down beside her. His black tuxedo looked shocking next to her white wedding dress, “They were in Jamaica – they couldn’t just leave.” He fiddled with the trim on the bottom of her gown, twisting it around in his hands.

“I know, I know,” she placated him, “But it would still have been nice to actually meet them.” She gave a quick smile and stood up. Marcus took hold of her hips and pulled her in front of him, her dress engulfing them. She laughed at the sight: “Why did you insist I have a great big white wedding dress?” She played with the netting that erupted from the waist of her dress.

“So you looked like a princess on our big day. You only get married once, Jen. I wanted it to be special.” He mockingly pouted at her.

“It was special, baby.” She kissed his forehead and then sat on his lap, surrounding them in the white skirts of her dress. “So, it’s my wedding day.”

“Our wedding day,” he corrected her, tapping her nose with his finger.

“Our wedding day,” she repeated. “We’re married now; everything is ours.” She kissed him again. They glanced around her room and remembered the day she moved in.

Fiddling with her dress, she whined “This itches; can I take it off yet?”

“You’ve only been wearing it for a few hours.”

“A few? I’ve been wearing it since nine o’clock this morning.” Jennifer turned to see the time on the bedside alarm clock. “Twelve hours I’ve been wearing this thing and it’s digging into my hips.” She squirmed in her dress. “Please can I take it off?” she pouted at him and he lifted her from his lap, making her stand in front of him.

“Okay, turn around.” She did as she was told and turned. He brushed her hair to the front of her shoulder: it was now long, curly and a deep hazelnut brown with a hint of red. She liked dyeing her hair as a surprise to Marcus, but this seemed to be the only colour he had liked so far. Jennifer twirled her hair around her fingers as Marcus unlaced her corset-backed dress. It fell to the floor and she was left standing in her underwear, as white as her dress. She turned to face him again and he had taken off his suit jacket and tie. He hugged her, stroking her hair, her face burrowed into his shoulder.  She pulled back and kissed his lips.

Let me know what you thought in the comments, and what else you would like to see in the Countdown To Christmas! 🙂

Searching For Katherine – UK Page

Searching For Katherine – US Page

Countdown To Christmas: DAY 1

Day 1 

It’s December 1 and the start of my blog countdown to Christmas! And I thought I’d kick things off with a little festive poem:

Bright blurred lights twinkling

as if escaped from the sky above

captured stars, shining

across terraced roofs and trees.

Ribbons adorn every box and surface.

Tinsel draped across every chair.

Streamers flutter from the ceiling

Mistletoe placed for standing stares. 

Countdown to Christmas: 24 Days Of Blogging!

OK, so I’m already a day behind but this is just to say: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

melissa holden christmas message

And as a gift from me to you, I will be posting a blog piece every single day in the countdown to Christmas! That’s 24 blog posts just for you guys! So keep an eye out for those!