Let It Snow – John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle| A YEAR IN BOOKS

Title: Let It Snow

Authors: John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle

I don’t usually reach for festive books – let alone romance novels – but the combination of a cute cover and John Green’s name caught me initially. And then I started reading, and the book reeled me in all by itself.

As the book came out in 2008 – I am very late to the game with this one – I doubt you need an in-depth summary of the plot, so I’ll give you a brief one.

Let It Snow follows the story of Gracetown, a small American town in the middle of nowhere. It’s Christmas Eve and love – and the worse snowstorm for fifty years – is in the air.

The book is written in three parts, one part per author, and they take us on a journey through Gracetown as the snow takes its toll on cars, cheerleaders, and relationships.

All the characters in the novel are individual and brilliant in their own right, but my favourite pair had to be Stuart and Jubilee. They are the beautiful result of kindness from a stranger and a derailed train (a train whose passengers make quite the effect on Christmas Eve).

Stuart is a heartbroken, sweet, brotherly guy who opens his home to Jubilee on Christmas Eve when she bravely ventures away from the train in search of warmth. His over-bearing but harmless, Jewish mother is determined to get the two of them together and makes it her personal mission in life to do so.

Jubilee has found herself alone on Christmas Eve after her parents are charmingly arrested in a brawl at a Flobie House sale, and she gets sent to California to spend the holidays with her grandparents.

But then, as her day gets worse and she ends up in a Waffle House full of cheerleaders in an attempt to escape the broken-down train, a handsome stranger invites her home for Christmas.

I could spend hours talking about this book – and I probably will to my S.O (feel sorry for him!), but you would probably get bored of hearing about it, so I’ll make my point.

Let It Snow is a charming, witty, off-beat Christmas romance novel, that shows that every story has another side, that every loner, weirdo and shy teen deserves love, and that Christmas Eve is the kind of day where magic can happen – even in a snowstorm.

Star Rating: *****

Blogmas: Day 16, 17, 18 & 19

Yeah… so I’m ill.

Since the chaos that was Sunday’s Christmas Party, I have been coughing and sneezing all week!


Sorry I haven’t posted, but I basically go to work and then come home and get into bed. I always seem to get ill right before Christmas – but it’s a nice excuse to wrap up in bed and watch Christmas movies.

How are you guys spending the last weekend before The Big Day? Let me know in the comments!

Blogmas Day 9 : Tree-time

Just a quick post this evening as I am ordering Chinese food (I know, so festive.)

We put our tree up in the pub today, so I thought I’d share a snap with you.


Yeah… we like blue. Goodnight!

Blogmas Day 8: Early Christmas

On Monday I spent the day seeing my fellow graduates for a little Christmas celebration in Canterbury. 

Wining and dining with my AFTER US authors… Jenga was involved.


And some lovely presents…



Then it was time for a drink with one of my best girlfriends!


Who gave me this awesome Hogwarts jumper!


Sadly, I had to come home at the end of the day 😦

Seeing my friends for our own little Christmas reminded me that no matter how far away they are, your friends will always come together if you need them. *aww*

PS: Sorry Day 7 was late… I fell asleep before I could finish typing! I will post Day 8 later today.

Blogmas Day 6: To The Scrooges

Working again today, so I’ll keep this brief!


It amazes me how scrooge-y some people still are, I mean come on! It’s officially December and therefore, officially Christmas!

I will join them in the everlasting hope that card shops will wait until Halloween is over to start selling Christmas cards, but other than that: Christmas is to be enjoyed!

So dear Scrooges, give up! Your time to complain about early Christmas shopping is over. It’s officially the festive season. Go get festive!

Red Cups and Bopper Hats (Blogmas Day 5)

Today was all about Starbucks and spending time with my work friends!


My favourite part of Christmas is catching up more with friends and family in the holidays – it’s a great excuse to spend five hours running around the mall with Toffee Lattes looking at LEGO.

*I’m the weirdo in the lower right hand corner in the gift-hat*


Because what else are the holidays about other than buying over-priced coffee and taking selfies in Claire’s Accessories?

Christmas Countdown: Day 3


Decorated my room last night and I love it!

I’m not usually a festive person, but after all that has happened this year I think it’s about time I had some holiday cheer in my life!


Yes… I know… tiny tree!


Excuse me whilst I go enjoy my cinnamon – scented room!

Christmas Countdown (Days 1 and 2)

I know, I know: bad start to a countdown when you have to do two days at once, but in my defence… I’m tired.

Welcome to my yearly attempt to blog for 25 days in a row to countdown to Christmas!

Days 1 and 2 are celebrated by my new Christmas jumper!


Today’s plan is decorating my room and putting up my teeny tiny Christmas tree. (Don’t worry – I’ll show you tomorrow!)