4 Years On WordPress | Best Bits

Well, well, well, Happy 4th Birthday to my WordPress account! *pops party popper*. When I started these blogs a few years ago, I never imagined they would lead to such amazing opportunities.

Let’s throwback to some of our best bits in the wonderful world of WordPress…

wordpress 4 years


Four years is a huge commitment to one blog for me, admittedly I do have several WordPress blogs, but all on the same platform. I love that I have been able to link them and easily switch between the four of them, so thanks for that!

Earlier this year we hit another amazing milestone, which was 500 WordPress followers, and you guys are from all over the world! Thank you, everyone, for your support, and putting up with my erratic posting schedule.



WordPress was and always will be a huge part of my creative process, particularly when it comes to writing books. I published my first novella, The Snow Killer, originally as a series of blog posts, which transformed into a twisted serial killer fiction novel. I loved every minute of it, as it launched my dreams as an author as set me on a path to novel writing.

I originally started my life as a blogger on BlogSpot, (which I rediscovered and was hit with a wave of nostalgia whilst researching this post) [my BlogSpot page] but after I was introduced to WordPress, I have never turned back.

Since then, I have self-published several e-books, with the help of WordPress as a blogging and promotional tool, and met many of my close author friends through the website – as well as some amazing book reviewers and bloggers.


In 2016 I wrote an article about my transition from loathing to loving John Green, and its current view total is 6,153! (Correct of 29.11.17) Read the article here…  It ended up being read by Hank Green (also famous and very creative brother of the author, and was shared all over WordPress and Tumblr.)

That article made me realize the true power of books, and that the time taken to be passionate and involved in your work, is far more important than dishing out half-finished books in order to hit a deadline.


I’d just like to say thank you again for all of your wonderful support, and here’s to an amazing 2018 with WordPress!

Indie Pride Day | Book Giveaway

Today is #IndieBooksBeSeen Indie Pride Day: a day to celebrate and share independent authors and poets from all across the world via social media.

Today, if you check the hashtags #IndieBooksBeSeen or #IndiePrideDay, you will see thousands of photos of Indie Authors holding up their #ISupportIndieBooksBeSeen signs, as well as a copy of their own book.

In celebration of #IndiePrideDay, I am doing my biggest giveway yet! Check my Instagram for full details and the actual post. 

quote yourself a freebie

QUOTE YOURSELF A FREEBIE! All you have to do to win is comment below with your all-time favourite book quote! I will be announcing the winner Saturday 2nd July 2016.

The winner will receive:

The rules are:

  • One entry per person.
  • No giveaway-only accounts (I will be checking!)
  • Must be entered on July 1st 2016. Any entries after midnight will not be counted.
  • You must be aged 13 or over (some of my books have explicit content) or have the permission of a parent/guardian to enter.
  • This is a world-wide competition.
  • Your entry must be in the comments/ Tweets of one of my original posts, i.e: this blog post, the Facebook or Twitter posts, or on my Instagram.

Good luck, and may the best bookworm win!

Happy Birthday, Book!

If I could show you what Little Mel was like as a child, it would be a blonde little bookworm who thought writers were magicians.

Now I’m a slightly taller redhead with PROOF writers are magic. Why? Because I am one. I get to create characters with emotions and reasons and a life entirely separate from my own, and that makes me so happy every single day.

Today I am even happier, and I shall tell you why. Today is the 2nd anniversary of my first book being published.  THE SNOW KILLER joined our shelves November 19th 2013. And I haven’t stopped writing books since. 


It’s taken many shapes and forms since release (above is the latest and best edition of the cover). It’s available in print and E-book, across the world (thanks Amazon!)



But every time I look at this book, all of my books, I am reminded that – despite everything – I am following my dreams. Not just as some silly fantasy, but as a career.

I may not be a bestseller or a household name like Stephen King, but I’m working my way up one day at a time.

So please join me in wishing my Book Baby a very happy 2nd birthday!


Countdown To Christmas: Days 10,11,12 and 13!

Hi everyone! Sorry – I know I’m terrible at keeping these up to date, but I have exhaustion so it’s a bit hard to stay awake to do anything!

For days 10 – 13 you get an ANNOUNCEMENT (ooh!):

I am glad to announce that I will be re-writing THE SNOW KILLER in order to make it bigger and better!

This makes any copies of THE SNOW KILLER out there now Limited Edition (and probably signed) so lucky you if you have one!

The Snow Killer by Melissa Holden

I plan to have the work done by Spring 2015 but maybe don’t hold me to that. Lorna Holland (co-author of AFTER US) is helping me out for this one, so big shout out to her!


I will still be using the same cover that Mark Looker designed, just because I love it so much, and the current version will be available right up and till release day! I will also be adding a print edition of the book for all those paperback lovers out there.

I hope this was exciting news for you all – I know it’s got me feeling excited and festive!

My Ridiculous Goal To Write 5 Books in 3 Years

I have this ridiculous idea that I am going to have written and published five books before I graduate.The Snow Killer

I am about to finish my second year of university, and I have published two books (one novella, one poetry) on Amazon Kindle. And, I am half way through my first full length novel.

From Me, With Love

But will I reach my goal? 

I am aiming for both quality and quantity, so it should be an interesting journey. All the while I am:

How do I do it? 

I genuinely don’t know! Let’s hope I can do all that I can, graduate with a 2:1 and manage to keep my boyfriend – wish me luck! 

Feb Fashion Resolution

So, due to certain circumstances, I couldn’t do this in January, but February is wide open for my hardest challenge yet. 

I’m not going to buy any clothes. 

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly obvious that I shop when i am bored, so to stop this habit: every time I want to shop, I will write instead.

Now, as a writer, that isn’t much of a punishment, but it will keep me in line as far as time management goes.

So, I’ll keep you up-to-date on my challenge, and hopefully the increased devotion to my writing will help me finally write the sequal to my book, “The Snow Killer”

Wish me luck! Image

Christmas Book Sale!

Hi WordPress!

My debut book, “The Snow Killer” is celebrating Christmas by going on sale!

Now only 99p, “The Snow Killer” is a Romance/Murder/Mystery with a twist.

“When Danny Fores loses his family in a car accident, he sinks into depression. Two years later, he’s still blaming himself for their death. When Danny meets Diane Warner, a thirty-five year old lawyer: she brings the good, the bad and the murderous to his door.

But can he cope?”

“The Snow Killer” took less than two weeks to write, a week to edit and just over two weeks to publish. This was to mirror the pace of the book and help readers understand the rhythm behind the project.

Please check it out on Amazon, but hurry as the sale ends Christmas Day! >>>