me and you, my dear.

What an incredible poem….

Be Your Own Chronically Ill Self

my dear,
no capital letters tonight.
there is not enough strength
in my body, for full sentences
correct grammar.
my stretched arms play,
sweetly caressed by daffoldils and daisies,
making me giggle.
death sorrounded by life.
irony, you would say. next to me, laid here,
my dreams shape you in my mind – would
stay there with me and talk about all those
things we have spent writing about?
would you mind spending those hours
talking, arguing, discussing? would you
look at the gravestones with me, smelling
their memories? filling their never-ending
lives, listening to their untold stories?
would you, my dear,
spend time with me, filling our lives, with death?

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Movie Review – ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ (A Second Opinion)

One of the best reviews I have read so far!

Funk's House of Geekery

As Marvel Studios continues to weave its way through sequels to their standalone franchises the recurring pattern seems to be a dip in all-around quality.  The general consensus on both Iron Man sequels and Thor: The Dark World was that they had enough whiffs to deem them less far inferior to their predecessors.  There seemed to be more optimism surrounding the sequel to Captain America than the others when it was announced though, and that left me intrigued. The original is a hit or miss 40’s throwback adventure that relies strongly on a tone from that time period, serving as a way to get Captain America into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was hurriedly put together before The Avengers and those “rushed” cracks begin to show within the movie on further re-watches. When I heard the sequel would be taking place in present time with one of the landmark characters…

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No Netflix. I Dare Say Those Are Not My Top Picks.

So funny :’)

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...

I want to be clear before we begin this blog post: I love my wife. She is the apple of my eye, the Yin to my Yang, the fruit of my loom. All of that cheesy stuff.

For five years, we have cohabitated and done so very successfully. I attribute this to our willingness to share. This is very important to a healthy relationship. It would be strange if we refused to share our pots and pans for instance. Plus, with double the cooking tools, we would need a much bigger kitchen.

Lately though, I feel like this sharing may put a strain on our relationship. I’m okay with having to maneuver around each other at the bathroom sink or having the covers ripped away from me in the middle of the night. One specific sharing, though, has caused me to question my identity.

Back at the beginning of our…

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30 before 30

Keira Lennox

Ernest Hemingway Nobility

Lots of people make lists of things they’d like to do or see before they hit the dirty thirty. When I think about approaching the big 3-0, I think about the bad habits, stubborn traits and short cuts of my 20’s that I don’t want to carry into the next decade.

Here are 30 things I’m working on in my 29th year, in no particular order:

  1. reconnect with estranged friends and family, even if it means forgiving and forgetting.
  2. be open to new ideas and different perspectives.
  3. be informed; ignorance is not bliss.
  4. accept that perfection is impossible. and boring.
  5. don’t let irrational fear win.
  6. keep learning new things.
  7. volunteer.
  8. worry about nothing, pray about everything. (Philippians 4:7)
  9. spend more time outside.
  10. stop falling asleep to the television.
  11. start playing the violin again.
  12. make exercise a priority.
  13. ask for help and/or graciously accept when it’s offered.
  14. take constructive criticism and…

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Published Book

This sounds great!

Oh My Geek! et al

Hello world! Admin Squeak here! So, i’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned on here that I’ve published a book on Amazon titled Memories, well here’s what it’s about. It might sound a bit cliche.


Monty is a young Demon, his kind is blamed for the five century long War that broke out in his homeland Draeona, the land of the Dragons. Demons in Draeona are considered low-lives, unable to comprehend the moral capacity of most human-like beings in this alternate universe to Elure (the land of Equals), deemed untrustworthy and masterminded; the stereotype drives him nuts.

Even he, with his ex-con mindset, wishes for the war to end already and have an era of Peace. It does good for no being, but nobody in the Capital chooses to believe him due to his racial factors. Somehow the Capital City (Tumbletown) has a top-notch school that accepts him due to…

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