Movie Review – ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ (A Second Opinion)

One of the best reviews I have read so far!

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As Marvel Studios continues to weave its way through sequels to their standalone franchises the recurring pattern seems to be a dip in all-around quality.  The general consensus on both Iron Man sequels and Thor: The Dark World was that they had enough whiffs to deem them less far inferior to their predecessors.  There seemed to be more optimism surrounding the sequel to Captain America than the others when it was announced though, and that left me intrigued. The original is a hit or miss 40’s throwback adventure that relies strongly on a tone from that time period, serving as a way to get Captain America into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was hurriedly put together before The Avengers and those “rushed” cracks begin to show within the movie on further re-watches. When I heard the sequel would be taking place in present time with one of the landmark characters…

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