Saying Farewell to my Pseudonym

The blog-fans among you will know that I have removed my pseudonym, Melody Carter, from the Internet. She’s gone now. *RIP fictional version of myself*


I’ve waved goodbye to her website, her Facebook page, and her Twitter. I’ve exported all her churlish attempts at Children’s Fiction or bizarre tries at Adult Writing. She isn’t working well for my writing career, so, like the proverbial rose – she had to be dead-headed.

(Although the design for that website was pretty awesome, so I may have to move the typography over to another site… we will see!)

I found Melody Carter no longer had a place or standing in my writing portfolio; she had become just an extra tab on my social media to ignore and avoid during the low moments.

Any writer can tell you that this is not a fun career choice by any means – particularly as there is no money in it. So it becomes hard to justify your meager efforts when you are spread so thin across your many pen names.


Instead, (if rather late in the day) I have decided to solely write under my own name; no pseudonyms or pretenses. Just little me and my little words on my little books.

I hope you can all get behind me on this, and as you have all been such lovely readers; I am sure you will be.

I’ll be back soon with some news about my upcoming novel, Finding Jennifer, but for now; I’m off to drink tea and ponder over Chapter 12.


The Write Advice – Guest Blog Series: BLOGGERS WANTED

Since I launched Young Unknown Author on my birthday, I’ve been trying to give all you wonderful readers some advice about being a writer. But then I realised something – we all have different experiences and different advice to give!

And so, I have roped in some lovely writers to share their advice with you and tell you a little bit about how they got where they are today.

The guest-blog series is called “The Write Advice” (do you see what I did there?) and over the next few weeks they will be sharing their tales of wisdom and words with you lovely people!

The Write Advice

If you are a writer – published or unpublished – and would like to get involved as a guest blogger, simply comment below or email me at: with the subject: Guest Blogger. I’d love to get more writers involved with this series so don’t be shy!