Writers Are People Too – Cover Launch

Writers Are People Too Cover

Here is the cover for my new e-book, Writers Are People Too.


Writers are people too! They have every day lives as well as their writing careers. This collection contains articles and poetry about writers lives, the words, the everyday and the normal.
It also includes tips for writers such as: How To Edit Your Novel and How To Be a Professional Writer.


Release Date:

July 1st 2014 on Amazon Kindle. Click here to be taken to my Amazon page. 

Writers Are People Too (In Progress)

I’m working on a collection of articles and poetry called Writers Are People Too, and I’m pretty excited.

After I postponed Searching For Katherine, I decided the best way to take a step back from the novel was to take a break from fiction for a while. And so, I am spending my summer writing articles and poetry, and exploring my recently developed strong-arm that is the world of non-fiction.

Writers Are People Too is pretty self-explanatory: it’s about how writers have lives outside of their writing careers. Many of us have dipped a toe into sharing this with the world via life-blogs (mine’s called The Life Of A 19-Year-Old Author) and it’s been pretty successful.

Writers Are People Too Cover

The non-fiction eBook will cover everything from society to personal relationships to how we live our day-to-day lives.

Writers Are People Too is humourous, but ultimately true. It’s written by a writer, about writers, for writers – and the general public. I won’t be spilling any trade secrets, but giving the world a chance to remember that writers are people too.

If you can think of anything that you think should be included, comment below, or Tweet Me @melissaholden94


Bloggers Wanted!

Hello fellow bloggers, I need a few awesome bloggers to help me promote my new book, Searching For Katherine.

If you are interested, please comment or email me at melissah183@googlemail.com