The Fraudulent Writer | Prose | 22 Blog Series

There’s nothing worse than feeling like a fraud. Telling people you’re something, an ideal, that you haven’t been in a very long time.

I am a writer.

Lies, all lies. Haven’t been one of those for months now. And months, inside the head of a strangled creative, is a lifetime when you can’t express yourself. Everything comes out harsh and dramatic and whiny. You and the keyboard aren’t talking anymore. You can’t bring yourself to open your manuscript and stare at words a past version of you typed and labored and loved.

The world is in a funk, that grey mess of a cloud; your brain turning to soup. Like an addict, your cells are dying the longer you pretend to live a normal life. That 9-5er day in day out dragging you down into the mundane abyss of the working age. Any attempt to take yourself back to your own personal Renaissance ends in a self-hating war that lasts days.

Nothing happy sticks.

Not being able to get out of bed in the morning, even though there is nothing officially wrong with your life, no one understands. That sinister melancholy clutching onto your skin like a cheap shower gel that won’t wash off. No amount of scrubbing or crying or screaming is going to get that melancholy off.

Not until you get the fuck out of your own head. GET OUT! Stop being a liar, a fraud claiming to be creative! Stop being the one that can’t see past the cloud. Where’s your curiosity? Run through the fog, arms flailing, singing along to stupid songs that make you want to dance.

You always want to write when you’re happy. And that boy is making you happy. You’re just being stubborn. So stop being a misog. Go and fucking write.


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Type Your Thoughts Here (Haiku – sort of)


Type your thoughts here… hmm

maybe I’m finally out

of new ideas.

(copyright © Melissa Holden 2016)

I Don’t Believe In Writer’s Block

I don’t believe in writer’s block:

if you can still write your name,

you can write all the other words too.

If you can still sign your name

you can sign the end of your new book.


I don’t believe in writer’s block

because colours never fade.

And even when the seasons change,

we still have our pens,

and the colours remain the same.


I don’t believe in writer’s block

because eyes are still open

and they view lives everyday.

So how can you have writer’s block

when you just copy their stories anyway?


I don’t believe in writer’s block

when there is so much happening in the world.

I don’t believe in writer’s block

when there are mysteries to be unfurled.


I don’t believe in writer’s block…

I don’t believe in writer’s block…

But I think I have it now.

I’m struggling to type these words for you

I have no ending, somehow.


I don’t believe.

I don’t have…


I think I’ve got writer’s block, dammit.