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Wow, just wow – there are 200 of you watching my posts, and following me on my journey? Incredible!


*Cue Oscars speech*

I’d like to thank my mom, my dad, my friends, my lecturers, Norman (RIP), and myself. I put my work out into the scary world and people actually liked it!

I started my writing career with a really bad blogspot page and a Twitter I never used. Now, there are 200 followers for this blog alone – plus my other blogs, my 756 Twitter followers, and 132 Facebook page followers. There’s a lot of you out there!

Thank you for supporting me with my career and I hope I can make a difference with these posts, with anything I write.

I write in order to leave my mark on the world and hope that a part of me will live on through my writing because as long as my words are still alive: I am immortal.

Interview: Billie Zahir

Here is an interview with Billie Zahir: writer, blogger and Twitter-friend of mine.

As a blogger, are you finding it hard to post every week?

Honestly, I don’t consider myself a blogger despite starting a blog on WordPress last year. I hoped, by creating it, I would be able to have discussions with others about the subject matter of the poems I wrote and posted. It did not take me long to discover, through observing other blogs and discussions with bloggers, discussions are not something which comes easy.

There is a whole technical skill set which has to be learned to create a blog so readers can find and follow your blog. For a while I tried to learn how. I got hung up on the whole concept if Branding myself as writer.

Eventually, I lost my drive and walked away to regain my focus. When I took the time to step back, I realized I lost interest because I was feeling forced to write to cater to the wants and needs of readers to be noticed as a writer. Which would be acceptable if I was wanting to be a professional writer.

billie zahir

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I would turn down opportunity to be paid for writing my life stories and personal views. I’m saying I won’t allow what I write about be determined by others. I will not allow myself be denied ability to write about any and all aspects of myself. I’m a complicated person who does not have all the answers in life. I love that about me.

Saying all that, I do blog-like posts on Facebook and Instagram and get the discussion I wanted from starting my blog. Additionally, I’m excited about using Medium.com which seems to have addressed a lot of the issues I had with my WordPress blog.

Do you find it difficult to think of things to blog about?

I never find it hard to find things to write about. How can anyone who reads blogs find it hard? I believe if a person finds it hard they either are trying too hard to write to please others or not reading other people’s writing enough.

How important do you think Search Optimization is for bloggers? 

I believe very important, being able to write with Search Optimization is why I don’t consider myself a blogger.

As a Twitter user, have you noticed any significant changes in your connections to other writers?

I have made very few connections with other writers. I don’t think it’s because they are bad people, but the online personas of writers are not very pleasant. It seems to me they are always talking at people and never talking to people. On the bright side, the few connections I’ve made are wonderful. I find talking to them to be a genuine joy because the motivation for them conversing with me is not only for sake of promotion of his/her book. Which ironically makes me want to read his/her book even more. Hmmm…maybe that was his/her plan all along meaning they are delightful and uber smart.

Are you planning any novels/short stories/ poetry collections that you can tell us a bit about?

I’m currently working on a project to change the current norms being followed by many using Social Media. I believe right now it’s like the Wild West and there is a need for change.

I also have a desire to collaborate on a book with other Poets who have and write about his/her mental illness. My vision is all Poets going to Mental Health institutions and sharing our own poetry and stories with individuals then helping them write his/her own poetry as a way of coping.  I am also working on a memoir.

Can you explain “The Eye”? 

As a child, my Dad used to find my writing and get mad. The same eyes which saw the truth I tried to tell over and over and documented in writing again and again watched those words be destroyed time after time. The destruction of truth hurt. Took me years to accept I had a right to tell the truth I see with my eyes. That is why I like thinking of myself as Billie Zahir aka The Eye.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Billie.

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@annzahir (Twitter)

@meimperfectlyperfect (Instagram)

Announcement: Poetry Book Release

Well hi there and hello WordPress followers!

I thought I should let you know that I am working on a collection of haikus (my new-found favourite type of poetry). I am hoping to have it finished by the end of May, but I will keep you up to date on that front.

The theme is: Everyday.

That’s right, this collection is about anything and everything, from love to socks.

I will be including haikus from this blog, and several never-before-seen haikus (that makes it sound a lot more exciting than it actually is…!)

As always, have a great day and keep an eye out for my posts!


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Interview with an Author: Anne Booth

Today’s Interview with an Author is with my very special guest and Twitter friend, Anne Booth!

Anne Booth

What got you into writing?

I think what got me into writing was reading. Like most writers I’ve always loved reading, and stories are so wonderful it just seemed natural to want to make some up myself. I also grew up in a family where lots of stories were told and enjoyed – my parents could make just going to the shops and meeting a neighbour into a dramatic anecdote!

What’s your favourite book?

Saying what my favourite book is impossible – as there are so many wonderful books out there and new ones to discover every day, both for adults and for children. I am a big fan of picture books and fiction for children in general, and think that adults who don’t read them are missing out on some of the best writing and illustrations available today. I would say that the Moomin books by Tove Jansson are amongst my all-time favourite books.

I love reading across genres too. I know I love and admire P.G. Wodehouse and find his humour and amazing skill with words a great comfort and inspiration when I am feeling stressed. I will never forget the effect reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee had on me, so I think that may count as one of the best books I’ve read. I love George Eliot and the Brontes, but I particularly love each of Jane Austen’s novels, and find that my favourite one of hers changes every few years, so she may be my ultimate author. I’m feeling inspired by ‘Sense and Sensibility’ at the moment, but I have always loved ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and have often identified with Catherine in ‘Northanger Abbey’! I do love contemporary gentle romantic fiction too. I also love nonfiction, and have found that I am now getting hooked on history books. Virginia Nicholson is a nonfiction writer I think is wonderful – her book on ‘Among the Bohemians’ partly inspired an adult novel I wrote and would like to go back to.

What’s your writing routine?

My writing routine varies, as I am currently supporting two elderly parents in not very good health. This means that I had to give up my part time work because of all the varying hospital and doctors’ appointments I have, and I’m never sure form one week to the next how busy things will be. On the negative side this can get very overwhelming and exhausting when there are (all too frequent) crises, but on the positive side I have quiet weeks where I can write during the day as soon as my four teenage children leave for school, and work around my parents’ needs.

I try to fit in at least one dog walk every day, and this helps both my fitness and the mulling over of difficult plot problems.

Anne Booth's dogs

Here are my two dogs putting their heads together after a difficult plot- problem-solving walk!

I often visit Twitter – and although this can take up too much time I have found that following links to articles and reviews found on Twitter has inspired my writing and given me lots of ideas.

Each genre I read or write has its own attractions.

I recently went to a conference where the art of picture book writing was described as ‘writing haikus for aliens’, and I think this gets near to describing how difficult writing a good picture book text is. I have 2 picture books coming out in the future with Nosy Crow Publishers and I found the process of writing them and being edited both very hard work and fascinating. It’s wonderful to see the work of the illustrator they have put with my texts – Rosalind Beardshaw’s gorgeous illustrations to ‘The Fairiest Fairy’ (my first picture book – coming out next year), are vital – they are essential alongside the text and it would not work at all without them. I did an M.A. in Children’s Literature back in 1993-95, and my dissertation was on Shirley Hughes, so she is a particular favourite of mine, and I feel very proud to be a picture book writer. Ultimately I’d like to become brave and good enough to illustrate my own work, but that’s another story…

I am currently editing a second and writing a third new book for 9-12/13 year olds. ‘Girl with a White Dog’ was for that age group (though some adults are reading it!

Girl with a White Dog Front Cover FINAL 300dpi



And I have read and keep reading lots and lots of wonderful books published for that age group. They are so excitingly different. I have just finished and loved the third novel -‘The Silver Flame’  in my fellow Catnip author Margaret Bateson Hill’s ‘Dragon Racer’ trilogy, set in a parallel contemporary Britain where dragons are kept and raced, and where the heroine, Joanna, mind-melts with hers in a Brixton dragon training centre! In one way it is so different from ‘Girl with a White Dog’ – but I hope they are both stories children will lose themselves in – and I feel rather wistful that there aren’t dragons for children (and adults!) to ride.

I have a book for 5-8 year olds coming out later this year with O.U.P., also with some beautiful black and white illustrations by Sophy Williams.

Lucy's Secret Reindeer

More information about it here:


My book is a gentle Christmas story, but there are some amazingly unusual and funny books for 5-8 year olds too – check out Alex T Smith’s ‘Claude’ books or Philip Reeve and Sarah MacIntyre’s ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’ for example. My favourite Shirley Hughes and her lovely illustrator daughter Clara Vulliamy have teamed together to do create a brill series of books with gorgeous retro illustrations by Clara about some gorgeous characters called Dixie O’Day and Percy.

What’s your favourite genre to write, or even to read?

I love historical fiction for older children, like that coming out of Hot Key press for example – Lydia Syson is an author I admire – and I think I might like to write something like that one day.

As a children’s author, do you find the writing process slightly different to when writing other fiction?

I do have more ideas for adult novels. I wrote one as part of my M.A. in Creative Writing but it never got published, so I’d like to try again, but alongside, definitely not instead of writing children’s books. I think I’d like to write books like Alexander McCall Smith, as I love the humour and feeling in his ‘No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency’ series.

However, I do think it’s hard to find a more exciting and wide ranging genre than children’s books to write in today! I feel very very lucky to be a children’s writer.

Are your friends and family supportive of your writing career?

My friends and family are very supportive. It took me a LONG time – years of Arvon and other courses plus an M.A. in Creative Writing 2003-5 at Canterbury Christ Church University – to get published. I got the offer from Nosy Crow for my picture books BEFORE I got an agent, but everything else has come through my wonderful agent Anne Clark, http://www.anneclarkliteraryagency.co.uk who I signed up with last year.

Was it a personal choice to go with an agent?

I feel I really need Anne as an agent for her advice and support and all the hard work she does on contracts and just getting my book out there. I don’t think I have the right personality to take on all the incredibly hard work of being a self-published writer, and I really value the editing and advice I get from Anne and from my publishers. I feel I am becoming a better writer through being edited and my published book ‘Girl with a White Dog’ is a far better book now than when I submitted it, as are my edited but not yet published books. Nosy Crow have teamed my picture book texts with an amazing and respected illustrator, which I could never have hoped to do, just as O.U.P. have got the wonderful Sophy Williams to do the cover and the black and white illustrations for ‘Lucy’s Secret Reindeer’ – this I could never have managed by myself. The publishers too design and commission the lovely covers of my books. “Girl with a White Dog’ cover, designed by Philippa Johnson and illustrated by Serena Rocca, is BEAUTIFUL and has had lots of attention.

Also, my publishers and Bounce marketing make most of the contacts with press and media and conference organisers for me, so that’s a HUGE weight off my mind. They write lovely things like this:


Or get me publicity like this:


I’m sure there are people with different personalities and more organisational skills than me for whom self-publishing works, but I’m really glad and relieved and lucky I don’t have to do it.

How do you keep motivated?

I keep motivated by reading lots of children’s books, but also because I LOVE it. I think my biggest block (as with many writers) is self-doubt, which is why it is lovely to feel part of a team with my agent and publishers. Once I can get over those writerly fears that I can’t write and that everything I do write is rubbish (!) it’s not difficult to be motivated! I love doing the job of writing stories once I know the characters – the writer wants to see how the story ends and check everything turns out fine more than anyone! There isn’t a more fun job to do and I am very grateful I am doing it! ‘Girl with a White Dog’ had a special motivation for me, as I do feel very worried by the stories which are currently being told in the press about immigrants and the disabled, and I wanted to put a different story out there to counter them.

I have blogged about the process of writing and the motivation behind ‘Girl with a White Dog’ on my blog www.bridgeanneartandwriting.wordpress.com which also mentions the part my Christian faith plays.

I tweet as @bridgeanne, and I would recommend using Twitter to every writer. You have to be careful who you follow – but if you follow the right people you can make genuine friendships and have great discussions about writing and life, and learn lots of things which will give you ideas for new novels! I got my agent and my Nosy Crow contract through Twitter, so I can’t praise it enough!

Thank you so much, Anne! What a great interview!

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DAILY PROMPT: Express Yourself

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How do I express myself?

In all sorts of ways! I am a writer, a blogger, a Tweeter, a Facebooker and utmost: a human being capable of texting incredibly fast whilst talking at the same time.

I am no stranger to expressing myself. Most of the time it is through words, or speech. However, I am occasionally hit with the creative paint brush and I wreck a canvas for an hour. I love painting, but it’s not one of my best skills.

If you follow me on Instagram (MissieH123), then you will know I am somewhat of a photographer. I love taking photos, thinking about the zoom, the lighting, but most of all – you have captured that moment forever: creating memories.

And that is all I am ever trying to do – create memories.


How do you express yourself? Tell me @melissaholden94 on Twitter, or comment below!