Interview with an author: Plot121

Meet Plot121, he is a poet, an author and a very determined man.


From his teenage years as a troubled youth, Plot121 has honed his craft by candle light. From dark passages of despair to inspirational poems that would drive him to become hardwired for the task of writing poetry. A man now fulfilling his childhood dream: to be something when all others said it could not be done.

Plot121’s work:

See Our World

See Our World by Plot121

See Our World by Plot121

This book is a compilation over 40 years of poetry that conveys the personal thoughts of Plot121 and his vision of how he views his life with people and society.


Book Many Facets of Love

Many Facets of Love by Plot 121

Many Facets of Love by Plot 121

This compilation of poetry focuses on the Many Facets of Love. The poetry relates to relationships that humanity endeavors to find when they feel that certain attraction we all call Love.


What got you into writing?

My mother was busy with running a residential care facility and my father was a hard man to talk to. My brother was busy with his life and I did not wish to bother my ever-busy grandmother with my issues. The issues of being taunted by my classmates left me with low self-esteem and a quick temper. To deal with it, I took to writing to sort out my dark thoughts. It was a coping skill.

What’s your favourite book?

I guess it would have to be Gary Jennings Aztec. The two stories of how a boy grew into a man then elder in the Aztec Culture were both dark and inspiring. The story telling was great and how it weaved the tale through factual events to fiction was great.

What’s your writing routine?

I have several books I work from so, I go by the type of poems that suits the book I am doing. I get up, get a cup of tea, do my posting for today and then start to go through my many projects to write the poems for the books. If I need to do research on a certain subject matter, I do it then. Then start the writing process.

You’re a poet: do you have a particular genre you stick to, or do you write about anything.  

I once called myself a Poet of Opinion because I have an opinion on everything so I write on just about everything – hardly anything is taboo for me.

What inspired your two poetry collections?

The first was inspired by pure determination and the loss of my mother two years back. She was always there for me, and told me to keep writing no matter what the cost. I had finished the book when she died but was not able to professionally put it out. After suffering a year of grief I decided to get the book out. After a while if having no success I finally found a lady that would help me promote and get my work out the public. The second book was easy because I had been writing it for a long time, so I had stock piled a great deal of my work already. I finished it off with a few new poems and compiled another book.

Are your friends and family supportive of your writing career?

When I was younger, I doubted any of my friends were supportive. It was my coach and Literature teacher that were. There were very few others that gave me the opportunity, and really show my interest in the craft of writing. My family on the other hand was more supportive. My brother bought me my first Thesaurus and read many of my first poems. He took it to my mother who also encouraged me on my new-found capabilities. My father came from a labor family and could not really see the value in my work. He thought it was a nice pass-time, but to him it was a dream that would never come to realization.

Do you have a full-time job, if so – what is it, and how do you manage your time?

Due to some personal health issues, I had to go on disability about 5 years back. Although, I have always written and worked but for the last five years I been aggressively promoting my work and writing.

Are you self-published or with an agent? Was this a personal choice?

I tried going at it alone, but found little to no success. My first book was out for about a year and didn’t sell. I had no clue how to market or even find my customer base. When I got together with my publisher she opened my eyes to what needed to be done. Yes it’s a learning process, but she has definitely made me see the error of my ways. Don’t get me wrong, you can go at this alone but it may take you longer then you thought. This is not a fifty yard dash or a hundred mile relay. This is a slow time grinding action that takes courage, knowledge, and most of all patience. If you like to do research and you’ve got all the time in the world; school yourself on all the facets of marketing before doing this. If you make a mistake out there you lose money not just your reputation.

Did you find it difficult trying to get into the industry?

I cut my teeth in this field as a crawl. I wrote, and then posted my work on poetry sites or communities. This gave me an idea of my good, and my bad points. It also gave me an idea for my personal voice. This is like a finger print in the writing world. It allows your reader to define you from others. All writers have them and it is so important to find your own. When I got more praises from my fellow poets it gave me the confidence to write chap books which led me to this road I am on now.

How do you keep motivated?
Motivation and determination seem to be the key to my personal voyage but to answer your question: I enjoy living and breathing. I use my coping skills to sort out all the negative aspects in life which grants me a picture of how things should be. My writing is just an action that defines life to me and hopefully gives value or knowledge to others. In short:  I live, therefore I must write.


Plot121 has utilized his life experiences in order to shape a writing career. If you would like to find out more, please go to: