Ha! New Year [a haiku]

It’s always the same:

It’s New Year and a New Me!

Ha! People don’t change.

Daily Prompt: Happy Endings

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For New Year’s I decided I was going to blog every day. Whether it was poetry, a short story, how things in my life were going.

But I didn’t.

On Jan 3rd, my step-father passed away after a battle with kidney cancer.

Since he got ill in August, a lot has happened: I turned 19; I started my second year of university; I wrote and published a novel; I became Deputy Editor of CCCU Her Campus, and much more.

Since he passed, I’ve published a poetry book in his honour, and am currently complying one about him. I’ve started a short stories collection, I’ve started seeing someone, I’ve written blog posts about my step-father, I’ve written a lot of poetry, I’ve been to his funeral, I’ve been going to work and to university throughout all of it.

But I didn’t blog every day.

He loved reading my work, so as a tribute to him, I will blog every day of February: about anything and everything, so he can read it from his laptop in the sky.


Daily Prompt: A Brand New Me, Effective Tomorrow

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If I could be anyone, ever, I think I would like to be a Tudor. Probably Queen Elizabeth 1st.

A red haired, powerful woman who gets to wear full length gowns everyday: count me in!

If I had to stay being myself, I would be a better version of me:

  • taller
  • smarter
  • happier
  • funnier
  • nice
  • I’d be someone who didn’t let people walk all over her
  • I’d be proud of my work
  • I’d have a boyfriend.

Not that having a boyfriend is a major issue in my life, but it would be nice to actually have the time for, and want to be in, a relationship.

The idea of being someone else would be really appealing, for all of about a week.

We are all unique, and we should all love ourselves: whether we are tall, short, fat, thin, male, female, transgender, gay, straight, bisexual. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks. We can love us for being, well: us.