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‘T’ (a poem)

image curtosey of pixbay.comLet’s tick the time away

take back tracks anew

trail behind our dragon’s tails

talking trouble in the trench.


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The East Winds [a poem by Melissa Holden]

Never trust the East Wind

she’s there to carry the secrets

that you and I,

the whole world, in fact, possess.

She will take you to hidden coves

and caves filled with gold

but she’ll take away

the love you did once hold.

Her transparent grip

will pull you across the seas

on pirate ships and warm islands too

but your beating heart she will always freeze

because the East Wind is bad for you.  

A Portrait Of You [ a poem by Melissa Holden ]

Brush strokes

mimic your skin,

pretending to be

a mirror kin.

Paint flecks scatter

on the floor,

in the place

you stood before.

Canvas coated

in the colours of you

never have I seen

a likeness so true.

I stand back and admire

you in your grand attire:

a portrait of my once beloved

to memorialize the now dead.