Indie Pride Day | Book Giveaway

Today is #IndieBooksBeSeen Indie Pride Day: a day to celebrate and share independent authors and poets from all across the world via social media.

Today, if you check the hashtags #IndieBooksBeSeen or #IndiePrideDay, you will see thousands of photos of Indie Authors holding up their #ISupportIndieBooksBeSeen signs, as well as a copy of their own book.

In celebration of #IndiePrideDay, I am doing my biggest giveway yet! Check my Instagram for full details and the actual post. 

quote yourself a freebie

QUOTE YOURSELF A FREEBIE! All you have to do to win is comment below with your all-time favourite book quote! I will be announcing the winner Saturday 2nd July 2016.

The winner will receive:

The rules are:

  • One entry per person.
  • No giveaway-only accounts (I will be checking!)
  • Must be entered on July 1st 2016. Any entries after midnight will not be counted.
  • You must be aged 13 or over (some of my books have explicit content) or have the permission of a parent/guardian to enter.
  • This is a world-wide competition.
  • Your entry must be in the comments/ Tweets of one of my original posts, i.e: this blog post, the Facebook or Twitter posts, or on my Instagram.

Good luck, and may the best bookworm win!

Indie Pride Day 2016 | #IndieBooksBeSeen

indiebooksbeseen logoOn July 1st 2016, Indie Authors from around the world will be covering social media with pictures of us holding up our books with the hashtags #IndiePrideDay and #IndieBooksBeSeen.

Last year thousands participated, and our Indie Pride Day trended for three days on Twitter; generating over 25,000 tweets. This year, we believe we can do even better!

We are about to make history as the biggest online showcase of Indie Authors and titles ever, and we all hope that you’ll support us on our #IndiePrideDay.

Just like last year, some authors will also be offering book discounts and giveaways – so keep an eye out for the Indie Pride hashtags; you might just end up with a new book to add to your shelf. indie pride 2016

Tell every Indie Author that you know to mark their calendars for July 1st! If you are not an Indie Author (but support us), please post a picture of some indie books that you may have on your bookshelves – or you’ve added to your To-Read list!

Remember on July 1st, when you see the Instagram posts, Facebook statuses, Tweets and #hashtags – spread the love and show your support for the Indie Authors. Every single Like and Double Tap helps the cause!

#IndiePrideDay and #IndieBooksBeSeen are about proving we’re more than just a hashtag: we’re a revolution to the publishing industry, and to readers and authors around the world. Spread the bookworm love and support for #IndieBooksBeSeen on Friday July 1st 2016.

Keep an eye out on my social media and this website, as I am doing my own giveaway! Details will be released on July 1st 2016 for 24 hours. Good luck!

Happy Birthday, Book!

If I could show you what Little Mel was like as a child, it would be a blonde little bookworm who thought writers were magicians.

Now I’m a slightly taller redhead with PROOF writers are magic. Why? Because I am one. I get to create characters with emotions and reasons and a life entirely separate from my own, and that makes me so happy every single day.

Today I am even happier, and I shall tell you why. Today is the 2nd anniversary of my first book being published.  THE SNOW KILLER joined our shelves November 19th 2013. And I haven’t stopped writing books since. 


It’s taken many shapes and forms since release (above is the latest and best edition of the cover). It’s available in print and E-book, across the world (thanks Amazon!)



But every time I look at this book, all of my books, I am reminded that – despite everything – I am following my dreams. Not just as some silly fantasy, but as a career.

I may not be a bestseller or a household name like Stephen King, but I’m working my way up one day at a time.

So please join me in wishing my Book Baby a very happy 2nd birthday!


After Us |99p Kindle Sale!

KINDLE BOOK SALE | Melissa Holden, Mark Looker, Edd Hodsdon and Lorna Holland

To celebrate the appearance of colder, shorter winter nights and crunchy autumn leaves, we’ve decided to put AFTER US on sale!


When the world ends, what comes AFTER US?

Featuring stories from Edd Hodsdon, Melissa Holden, Lorna Holland, and Mark Looker, AFTER US explores the effects of an apocalypse on the survivors.

AFTER the apocalypse the laws and rules of the old world bind US no more, and mankind’s true, savage nature takes over.

AFTER the apocalypse, none of US will ever be the same again…


Stories Include: Behind Bars, Cure In Age, Keep Your Friends Close, Lonely In A Crowd, Strangers On The Road, Silent Screams, Sally Lin

To find the sale price in your country, use the sale links below. (Some countries may need to redirect via the US page).

After Us | Sales Links

Amazon UK:

Amazon US:

Amazon CA: 

Amazon DE: 

Remember to leave a comment below or a review on the main Amazon page to let us know what you thought of the book!

Adrienne Thompson | Interview With An Author

Adrienne Thompson pic

About The Author:

Adrienne Thompson has worn many titles in her lifetime–from teenage mother to teenage wife to divorcee to registered nurse to author.

This mother of two young adults and one teenager currently resides in Arkansas with her daughter where she writes and publishes her stories full time.

What’s your favourite book and why? The Color Purple is my favourite book. Up until reading that book, I had mostly read romances. The Color Purple changed my idea of what a book could be and exposed me to a side of life I knew nothing about.

Tea, or Coffee? Tea, with lemon and lots of sugar.

What got you into your particular genre of writing? I have a heart for broken women and their issues and I am a true believer in love, so it was only natural for me to write inspirational women’s fiction and romance. But I do write general inspirational fiction, as well.

Why do you love writing it? Because I love crafting storied about love, self-acceptance, and redemption.

How many books have you written and what are they? I’ve written several and published 17 books. They are:

The Bluesday Series:

  • Bluesday
  • Lovely Blues
  • Blues In The Key Of B
  • Locked out of Heaven

The Been So Long Series:

  • Rapture
  • If
  • Been So Long
  • Little Sister
  • Been So Long 2 (Body and Soul)
  • Been So Long III (Whatever It Takes)

The Your Love Is King Series:

  • Your Love Is King
  • Better

Stand-Alone Novels:

  • When You’ve Been Blessed (Feels Like Heaven)
  • See Me
  • Ain’t Nobody
  • Home

As a series author, do you find it hard to keep the story fresh? Not really. My series installations could be stories about anyone, but they just happen to follow the same characters. I try not to recycle stories.

What tips can you give aspiring authors about writing a series? Keep the story fresh and allow your characters to grow. Also, try to wrap-up some parts of each storyline. Cliff hangers are okay, but it’s important for the reader not to feel like they are being strung along on an endless journey.

 Is there anything controversial or different about your writing? My work is Christian-based, but my characters are not perfect. They are flawed, they make huge mistakes, and not all of them are likable.

How do you manage your time? Is it hard balancing your writing life with your working life? I quit my job two years ago and am now a full-time writer and independent publisher of my work. I do have to balance time between writing and marketing, and I use my Google calendar to schedule everything I do. I am able to manage my time better with a good schedule in place.

Are you self-published or with an agent? Was this an active choice? I am self-published and yes, it was an active choice. I am a bit of a control freak, so I enjoy having creative control, not to mention he monthly royalty checks. J

You’ve got a new book out! What’s it about?

HomecvrsmallMy new novel is titled, Home. It’s the first book I’ve written from a male’s perspective. Here’s the blurb:

For ladies’ man Ivan Spencer, there really is no place like HOME.

A family emergency brings former rapper and current real estate mogul, Ivan Spencer, back to his long-abandoned hometown. While there, he must deal with his confused mother, his elderly, philandering father, his flaky sister, an unreliable aunt, and a face from the past who makes him question some of his earlier decisions. All he wants to do is to get things squared away and return to his life, but as it turns out, he must deal with his own issues first.

Any links or websites you would like my readers to visit? Sure, readers can connect with me on the following sites:

Website: and 










Miranda Shanklin | Interview With An Author

Author picAbout the Author

Miranda Shanklin resides in Central Illinois with her husband and their two children. When she is not working at her day job as a paralegal, running her children to practices or supporting them at events she is writing. She has been an avid reader most of her life and has always dreamed of writing her own books someday. Now that her children are reaching their teenage years she is finding the time to sit down and chase her dream.

Miranda loves to hear your opinions and uses the feedback to improve. You can find her on Facebook at or email her at

– Let’s here from Miranda herself! –

What got you into writing?  I have always loved reading and dreamed of writing. One day I just decided to start writing.

What’s your favourite book and why? I don’t really have a favourite. I love all kinds of books.

What’s your writing routine? I sit down at the computer and start typing.

Tea, or Coffee? Coffee, lots and lots of coffee

What got you into your particular genre of writing? I love reading paranormal romance so it made sense for me to try writing it.

souldiscovery-shanklin-ebookWhy do you love writing it? I love to write what I would love to read.

As a first time author, how are you finding the publishing process? A little overwhelming.  I have had a lot of advice and tips from other authors as I try and find my way through it all.

How many books have you written and what are they? I have one full series out. The Soul Series consists of Soul Journey, Soul Redemption, Soul Knowledge, Soul Freedom and Soul Discovery.

As a series author, do you find it hard to keep the story fresh? It can be challenging. You have to find something new for each book but it still has to relate to what happened in the previous books.

What tips can you give aspiring authors about writing a series? Have an idea of how many books you want to include and a general idea where you want them to go. It will help to make it flow better.

Is there anything controversial or different about your writing? Not that I know of .

How do you manage your time? Is it hard balancing your writing life with your working life? My life is crazy busy. I am a mother first, then a wife, then a paralegal and then a writer. I have a very delicate balance that gets thrown off all the time LOL

soulfreedom-shanklin-ebookAre you self-published or with an agent? Was this an active choice? I am self-published. It was an active choice. I don’t have anything against agents or publishing companies I just wanted to show myself that I could do it on my own.

Do you have a writing space? Tell us what it’s like! Right now my laptop is set up on my dining room table. I hope to add a small office onto the house in the next couple of years but for now I am in the middle of the house.

How do you keep motivated? I have a whiteboard with my characters and other important facts about the story that is in the dining room. Every time I walk through the house I see it and it keeps it all alive for me. My kids and husband are also very supportive and do everything they can to help me.

soulknowledge-shanklin-ebookWhat did you struggle with the most when writing your new book? I had a little trouble at first getting it to come across on the page the same as it was in my head. It took me a little while to find my writing style.

Do you have any hints/tips for my readers about writing? If you can come up with a story that you would want to read then there is nothing stopping you from trying.

Is there anything you wish you had known BEFORE you started your latest book? A better way to market my books. I am still working on that LOL

You’ve got a new book out! What’s it about? My books are about a group of witches. There is a little twist to the witching world though. There are no new witches born. The souls of each witch go through life cycles and as they get older they remember their past lives. The main characters in the story are the exemption to most of the rules due to a punishment that they have been fighting against for many lifetimes. They break free from their punishment only to find that they have now created an even bigger problem.

soulredemption-shanklin-ebookHow did you decide on cover art? Did you consult with a designer or is it all you?

I asked a fellow author about cover art and what was the best option. I have zero ability in that field. I found the cover for my first book on Paper and Sage Designs in their pre-made section. I fell in love with it and bough it. I then worked with the cover artist to custom make the other covers so that they would all stay in one theme.

Any links or websites you would like my readers to visit? My author site is; my facebook is

The Elemental – Lisa Veldkamp | Cover Reveal

Cover The ElementalTime is running out, and only the Elemental can save the world.

“My name is Catherine van Dyk. I run a private massage and coaching practice in Shoreditch, London—nothing special, you would say, and you would be right. Except something terrible is about to happen to our planet, and I’m the only one who can do something about it, so no pressure. Am I going to succeed? This time I might finally be able to control the elements. I have to. To save my life. To save all our lives.”

Catherine van Dyk is an Elemental, which means she can control earth, air, fire, and water—sort of. Catherine is trying to leave her darker days behind her, but she and her friends, who have similar abilities, must try to restore balance to our world. Whether her new neighbor Tristan can help her in that has yet to be seen. Is Tristan who he says he is? With disaster on its way and only one week to go, time is running out. For Catherine, for her friends, for all of us.



Lisa is the author of the poetry collections Nothing is Forgotten and When Words Start to Sing, and The Elemental, part I of The Fire Trilogy. This is her first short story for teenagers, The Bridge Between Yesterday and Tomorrow. She has a background in social services and music, but writing has always been a part of her daily life. One night she dreamed the outlines of The Elemental and took it as a sign from the Universe to pursue a career in writing.

She grew up in a small town in the Netherlands where her parents always taught her to think outside the box. She has a degree in social studies and joined the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids as an adult.

Lisa loves London—according to her, “the city where magic dwells”—and can often be found there. She still resides in the Netherlands, however, with her partner and their dog, Miss Ginger Rogers, and if you’re lucky, you may find her in her favourite coffeehouse, Barista cafe.

Lisa is also a freelance copywriter for CAPSLOC, a music venue in The Netherlands, and an editor for Folk Harp Folks, a magazine published by The Dutch Folk Harp society.


I am honoured to be helping Lisa with her cover reveal! A fantastic author with a great idea!

Find out more at:

Watch the book trailer here: 



Shelley&Holden: A Writers Tale

Shelley and Holden

Shelley&Holden are a writing duo that have been close friends and co-writers since they met at university.

Previously, they helped each other on independent projects, but have now decided to join together to become a best-friend-book-writing team.

Since working together on Jacob Shelley’s PUT TITLE HERE, they have been working closely on other projects such as their first joint short story collection EVERYDAY WE LIE (release date tbc).

Want to know more? Go to

Let’s meet the Shelley&Holden team…

Jacob Shelley

jacob shelley

Jacob Shelley is an undergraduate at Canterbury Christ Church University (Primary Education BA Hons).

 ‘Put Title Here’ is Jacob’s first book to be published, with several more ideas planned for the near future.

Jacob has been writing since he was fifteen years old, and now has finally decided to share his work with a wider audience of readers.

When Jacob is not studying for university or writing poetry and prose, he likes to pursue his other creative hobbies, namely making artwork and baking cakes and cookies.

Shelley and Holden one half

Melissa Holden

Melissa Holden author picture

Melissa Holden, BA is a graduate of Creative and Professional Writing BA Hons.

Melissa has been a professional writer since 2012, but has been writing creatively since a young age. As well as writing, Melissa supports self-publishing movement #IndieBooksBeSeen and helps unpublished authors learn about self-publishing and promotion.

She has self-published seven books to date and is working on several projects at the moment.

She likes tea, vintage things and cushions.


Why It’s So Much Easier NOT To Write – And Why We Should Anyway!

I can’t be the only author that has struggled to start that next project, to fill that once blank page with an amazing formula of words designed to move and wow our imaginary reader.

No? Good.

Writing is a difficult trade, we are constantly remind by society, by friends and family – and by ourselves – that it is “a waste of time”, “it will never earn any money”, or that “books are silly” by the neanderthals among us… *we all know one….*

We face the constant pressure as writers to amaze and prove wrong the people around us. They expect the next J.K Rowling to emerge suddenly out of your office, and not just you.

Image source:

Image source:

Writers are often grouped together, admittedly often by other writers, in this assumption that we all want to be rich and famous from our work, or that we’re all geeks. Well some of that’s true, but it depends on the individual author.

Personally, I just want to earn a living doing something I enjoy. I want that home office with my comfy slippers, a mug of tea in one hand and my favourite pen in the other. I don’t need to be Stephen King famous – although that would be nice. I just want to be recognized for my work, the same as everyone else.

Even in a society where reading is coming back to the forefront of our social activities, it is still seen as weird to want to spend your time running through castles, fighting dragons, saving the damsel and challenging the dark knight to a duel. So we need to start fighting society as well as dragons and start proving why we need creative authors in the world.

Writers, poets, artists, performers – any kind of creative – play an essential part of our lives as human beings. They move and inspire people all over the world with the stories they create and help share. They distract people for hours on end and they can make them re-think their whole lives by the end of Chapter 5.

Image source:

Image source:

We’ve all had that haunting moment when you put down a book or switch off a film, and your heart is aching. You have been changed as a person because of that story. You feel empowered – and rightly so. Stories are a gift from one person to another saying, “here, have this – I made this story just for you. I hope it helps you.”

That’s why we can’t stop. We can’t stop writing because people don’t like it, because it’s hard, because it’s easier to do something else. We need to keep going because one day, somewhere out there, your words are going to help someone. And what’s better than helping someone?

BOOK GIVEAWAY: Searching For Katherine

BOOK GIVEAWAY TIME! To win a copy of Searching For Katherine, just follow the instructions below. Competition ends 15 May 2015 (UK time):


This is my first EVER book giveaway and is exclusive to Facebook! (entries only accepted via comments on my Facebook page)

To win a brand new copy of Searching For Katherine, simply comment below the Facebook Giveaway Post 1 reason why you like the book: whether it’s because you like the art work, love the story or you just really want a free book, whatever your reason is – just be honest!

sfk 2015 edition

The giveaway ends 15th May 2015 at midnight (UK time) and I will announce the winner on Facebook as well as contacting the lucky winner! The copy will be signed by me with a personal message to the winner.



Terms and Conditions: Entrants must be 13 years old or over, any entrants under 16 must have parental permission to enter. Postage and Packaging will be paid by the author unless over £5.99. Global entries welcome. The giveaway ends at 12:00 am 15 May 2015 (UK time), any entries after this time may not be considered.