How To Be A Professional Writer

If you want advice on how to be a professional writer, and you’ve been on Google looking for tips: STOP!

Yes, there are ways to improve your productivity, or your technique, but you can’t learn how to become a professional writer/poet/blogger – it just happens. I didn’t sit down and say “Oh, today I’m going to start becoming a real author” – I just did it.

But, if you really want a list of things that will help you become a professional writer: stick around.

Be Prepared For A Lack Of Sleep: 

Garfield Sleep

Writers write when they have to, but more so when they are hit by random inspiration. So be prepared for an idea to slap you around the face at 3 am, and you’ll have to write it down!

You’ll have a lot of late nights because you’ve got home from school/work and needed to finish that chapter, so when you do get the chance to have a lie-in: take advantage of it!

Read – a lot:


Obvious, right? Reading improves your writing. Makes sense. But more importantly, read a variety of materials. Not a fan of romantic poetry? Try humor poetry. Don’t like reading serious books all the time? Find something quick and fun to read. Branch out with your reading and you’ll soon find that you are exploring forms of writing that you never had before.

Do Your Research:


There is nothing worse than reading a book and it being obvious that the author didn’t do enough research. If you are going to spend months of your life writing a book, at least make sure all of your facts check out!

Social Media:


It’s the 21st century and there is no point avoiding the world of social media. If you use it properly, social media can gain you an all-new following of not only readers, but other writers too! I personally think that every author/poet/blogger, etc should have: Twitter, Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Goodreads, and WordPress.

Have A Routine:


Routines are so important when writing – especially if you are writing a novel or you are a blogger.

Bloggers: post regularly – it’s such a shame when amazing bloggers don’t post at least once a week.

Authors/Poets: Get up in the morning, get dressed, make a cup of coffee and get writing!

A strong routine can guarantee you write at least once a day (which you should be doing anyway!) and will give you a chance to get into the zone instead of hurriedly jotting something down.

Carry A Journal:


Journals/notebooks are so useful! I genuinely don’t know how I called myself a writer before I started writing every day. Journals are great for writing down ideas, rough drafts, planning, or just ranting to yourself about your really annoying neighbour. They give you somewhere to put all of those crazy thoughts and plans that don’t have a place anywhere else. And, it’s an excuse to buy more notebooks!

Be Dedicated:


You need to be dedicated to your writing career if you want to be professional. Don’t half-ass it – you have to go all the way. Writing isn’t just about expressing an opinion/feelings anymore: it’s about gaining an audience of readers who need your words in their lives.