Break Up. (Poem)

Breaking, upwards of the truth-



to the grit,

the pieces beneath.

The essence of sadness, combined with

shock and spittle through angst and hatred.

Break, in the utmost foundation;

the line in the undusted,

the crack in the gateway.


by the bind,

seeping, the cold truth

soaks in

and you wake up,

wet and alone

unknown and blissful,

gone from the grip.



Ruined by words.





Break   –   up.

Promise Me (poem)

Please promise to lie to me forever

to never confess your dreaded sins

or admit your betrayals of me.

Please promise you won’t whisper

the truths of a name in your sleep

or surrender your guilt on your knees.

Please promise you’ll keep secrets

from our love until the day I die

and you’ll move on without a thought.

Please promise to lie to me forever

because I can’t stand another broken heart.

Do You Remember/I Remember (Shape poetry)

Do you

hear the sound

of my heart beating?

Do you remember the moments

I have long lost and forgotten in time?

Do you remember me as I was ? A young beauty

trapped in the space of our love, forever shrinking from existence.

Do you remember what happened when you betrayed our eternal trust?

I remember the moments he stole from my heart and gave away.

I remember when you gave our love to someone new.

I remember the memories I’ve lost.

I remember when you killed me.

I remember the pain.

I remember


Ghostly Beauty (free verse poem)

She’s like a ghost

walking in the sunlight.

You can see her,

but you see the world behind her

as if she’s not quite real.

Woman 6

Her beauty pale

and transparent.

She will never leave you,

but you may never touch her.

Is that love, or haunting?

couple dancing silhouette