I GRADUATED! | Melissa Holden

After three years, it’s over. I am a graduate. I’ve joined “the elite”, the middle class, the non-idiots.

Hello Internet, my name is Melissa Holden BA (Hons), graduate of Creative and Professional Writing from Canterbury Christ Church University. *cue happy dance*

I graduated with an Upper Second Class, wrote seven books, made 200 new acquaintances and 8 friends for life. I’ve learned that the best lessons can be learned at 3 a.m on the dance floor as well as in the classroom. I’ve been taught to embrace life and smile a little more (just not in front of the camera!)

And I’ve met the world’s future superstars – they just don’t know it yet. I’ve met the aunts and uncles and (non)godparents of my future children, and I’ve broken my own heart five different times. I’ve drank too much, cried a lot and slept four hours a day. I’ve been more creative over the past three years than my entire life combined.

I am honoured to get my BA Hons and I will always be grateful to the lecturers that gave a poor kid a chance: you’ve changed my life and I will never stop thanking you.

Sleep (poem)

It’s 11:33 UK time, and I can’t sleep.

It’s weird, sometimes I find myself nodding off in the middle of the day. Other times, I wonder how I ever slept…




I’m not avoiding you, 

I swear.

But sometimes, just sometimes:

I believe we are enemies.

You evade me,

you entice me.

You end my days,

but you bring me new ones.

Is the death of a day,

the same as the birth of one?



are you a friend?

You bring me joy,

in my dreams.

You relax me,

you keep the world still

as I close my eyes.





Will I ever sleep again?

Are you coming to get me?



are you a person?

Are you the strange blur

of a figure

in our dreams, 

running through the field of stars?

Or are you the stuff of


who creaks floorboards in the




you are loyal:

every night. No matter what.

You give us the stars, 

so we may dream a little longer.