She Will Never Stay (instapoem)


Expect Awesomeness in 2016

2015 was an amazing year for me as an author, but also a hard year for me personally.  So it’s safe to say it’s been a mixed 365 days.

In 2015 I:
– graduated
– got an amazing job
– made some awesome friends
– drank a lot less
– started paying off my debts
– focused more on my writing
– grew my hair
– and a lot more!

2016 is going to be my Year of Achievement. I’m not posting some bullsh*t post about fad diets or going to the gym or buying a car. My goals and little and often and all about my personal happiness / mental stability.

2016 Year of Awesome Will Include:

– completely paying off my debts
– saving for a flat
– learning to drive
– finishing and releasing FINDING JENNIFER
– finishing EVERYDAY WE LIE
– spending more time writing than watching TV
– learning to relax
– spending less on me and more on time with others
– learning new skills
– improving my soul

What are your goals and hopes for 2016?

Sleep (poem)

It’s 11:33 UK time, and I can’t sleep.

It’s weird, sometimes I find myself nodding off in the middle of the day. Other times, I wonder how I ever slept…




I’m not avoiding you, 

I swear.

But sometimes, just sometimes:

I believe we are enemies.

You evade me,

you entice me.

You end my days,

but you bring me new ones.

Is the death of a day,

the same as the birth of one?



are you a friend?

You bring me joy,

in my dreams.

You relax me,

you keep the world still

as I close my eyes.





Will I ever sleep again?

Are you coming to get me?



are you a person?

Are you the strange blur

of a figure

in our dreams, 

running through the field of stars?

Or are you the stuff of


who creaks floorboards in the




you are loyal:

every night. No matter what.

You give us the stars, 

so we may dream a little longer.