Sleep | poetry

You fall asleep,

My hand to your cheek

At first it seems sweet

Then I think of blander motives

Am I interrupting your rest?

Is this just a unwillingness to move?

Then you pull my hand to your chest

Bringing it to rest, part of me on you

Where I should always have been,

And I remember what love feels like again.

Our, Your, Mine [ a poem by Melissa Holden ]

Our eyes locked in a staring contest

Your hand touched light on my hips

My fingertips in your short hair.

Our legs curled around each others

Your arm pulling me closer

My heart racing again.

Our laughs fill the room

You stroking my cheek

Me wondering where I found you.



That smile,

that look.

That reference,

to that book.


Do you know

what you do?


Is anything

you say true?

I don’t know you

but I want to.


Can we be two

of the selected few

that get to be



Can we be alive?

Can we be just?

Can we be alone



Just this once.