Blogmas Day 8: Early Christmas

On Monday I spent the day seeing my fellow graduates for a little Christmas celebration in Canterbury. 

Wining and dining with my AFTER US authors… Jenga was involved.


And some lovely presents…



Then it was time for a drink with one of my best girlfriends!


Who gave me this awesome Hogwarts jumper!


Sadly, I had to come home at the end of the day 😦

Seeing my friends for our own little Christmas reminded me that no matter how far away they are, your friends will always come together if you need them. *aww*

PS: Sorry Day 7 was late… I fell asleep before I could finish typing! I will post Day 8 later today.

Geek And Proud!

I am a geek! And I’m proud of it too, and here’s why:


Being a geek means you get to watch twelve episodes of Doctor Who in a row without worrying about your mental health.


Being a geek means I get to own a favourite pen.


Being a geek means I can live surrounded by books.

2014-03-30 13.44.54

Being a geek means I own way too many DVDs, but at least I’ve watched them all.

Melissa Holden drinking tea

Being a geek means I make glasses (and tea) look cool!

So, if you’re feeling a little low because someone called you a geek – remember: it was a compliment, they just didn’t know it! Being a geek is a cool thing, whether anyone else sees it or not!

Mrs Ducktor’s weekend in


Mrs Ducktor's weekend in

Hello Dearies,

It’s Mrs Ducktor here. Just thought I’d share some photos from my weekend in. I drank tea, watched my husband run around like a fool with Amy and Rory, and cooked a lovely Vegetable Soup.

Oh, see you soon lovelies, Melissa’s home!


Meet my new housemate and fellow blogger….


Meet my new housemate and fellow blogger....

Me and my housemate, Lara, bought a cuddly duck today, and we are both #Whovians, therefore, the duck is called… DUCTOR!

Mrs Ductor will be blogging over the next few weeks about her adventures when we aren’t around!