Interview With An Author: Deidre Mapstone

What’s your favourite book and why? To Kill a Mockingbird is my favorite book. I think it’s my favorite because it was the first book I’d read as a child that really transported me to another place and time. It was also so well written, and I loved the characters.

 Tea, or Coffee? Tea. I just discovered a chocolate chai tea that is amazing.

 What got you into your particular genre of writing? For sure, my daughter got me into writing for young adults. She’s always loved reading and writing fantasy, and we talk about our stories together all the time. She encouraged me to write my story down.

As a first time author, how are you finding the publishing process? As a first time author, the publishing process has been a learning process all the way through. My learning continues even after releasing my book. It hasn’t been difficult, but there is a lot of information to process, so it takes time.

Are you self-published or with an agent? Was this an active choice? I self-published, and did a lot of research beforehand. The self-publishing field is so new, it is growing and changing all the time. I felt it was the best way for me to get my story out at this time.

You’ve got a new book out! What’s it about? Sigrun, The Bandamann Saga is my first novel about the Lundgren family. They own and operate Sigrun, their restaurant in Maine. The four Lundgren children soon find things out about themselves and each other that are amazing. They then discover a huge family secret that changes their lives forever.

Front Cover

How did you decide on cover art? Did you consult with a designer or is it all you?There is a scene in the book that has to do with a moonlit night on the beach. I’ve always loved the moon, and we were about to have a special full moon happening (I believe it was last June). I got the vision of what I wanted to see on my cover, and my family and I went out to Canandaigua lake and shot the scene! The girl on the cover is my daughter, and she did a perfect job.

Any links or websites you would like my readers to visit?

Yes! I would love to welcome your readers over to my website for Sigrun:

There you can find Sigrun, The Bandamann Saga on paperback or ebook for Kindle. You can also follow me from there on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and my blog, iDDeas.