A New Autumn | Poetry

Today felt like a new


Brisk and intrigued

A crisp, fresh breeze

A whisper of

Winter in the air

That chill, the dew

Pursed on my lips

That promise of

Crunched leaves underfoot

Today felt like a new 


An autumn with a new

Golden path to begin upon.

Ignore Real Autumn (a poem)

Tracing across your brow,

wipe the sleep from your eyes,

our own little cocoon of joy;

let’s be still for one more day.

Let’s stay here, in the sunlight

and ignore the crunch outside,

it’s not autumn leaves like you promised.

It’s the sound of Mondays, or rainy days

and bills way past due.

Let’s one-stop-shop our groceries online

and have pizza delivered to the duvet.

Forget about the cold outdoors with me.

Let’s forget about the missing stars.

Let’s cuddle up, just us. No fuss.

Let’s stay away, sleeping, for one more day.

Take Me To Summer (a poem by @melissaholden94)

Follow me on the new southern breeze

to the land where summer never sleeps.

Fields, green and posies a plenty,

dance under the stars and swear your fealty.

Follow me to a new stretch of grass with the

brightest sun you’ll ever see – happiness will always last!

Let’s ignore those golden leaves,

blowing in from the tops of trees.

Let’s pretend it’s not grown colder

year passes, making us older.

Let’s forget that this has happened before:

when Autumn flew in up from the North.

Autumn Makes Us Forget (poem)

Crisp, golden autumn-caked pathways

littered with the footsteps of the perpetually cold.

Wet splash of a pink wellies in a dip of concrete

the decaying suburban rock providing a fun pool of rain.

The wish of long summer days, now dark by 4 o’clock

remembering heat as if it were a foreign concept.

The roaring sound of increased traffic

in a too-bad storm that people refuse to walk in.

Frozen to the bone, consistently,

never remembering where you put your jumper.

An array of umbrellas at extortionate prices,

another way for the industry to swallow you whole.

Too Busy For Love (poem)

Perhaps one day I will tire
of lonely nights between the sheets.
But for now, I am content
having spare room in my bed.
I don’t have to argue
about tonight’s dinner or
tomorrow’s plans. I can decide
what I want, when I want.
I am not jealous of the cuddling couples
in their warm coats on park benches.
My pumpkin latte keeps me just as warm
as I watch the world go by.
For now, I will observe the love in
the world, and remember how it feels
to have my heart broken. But right now
I am just too busy for love.

Autumn Leaves (Poem)

Let the air curl around your feet,
crunching – bare on scarlet leaves.
A blizzard of descending colours,
as the sky darkens and clocks reverse.
The nights grow longer, allowing time
for blankets and comforts and hot chocolate.
Sleeves get longer and coats begin to appear,
the winter warmers and the fire’s flickering.
Soon, the white flakes will fall,
covering the Earth with a icy duvet.
And just as quickly as Autumn surfaced, Winter will
takeover – and I’ll say goodbye to the rain.