Happy 22 Years To ME | 22 Blog Series

22 blog series happy birthday

Today is my 22nd birthday (hurrah!) and whilst they’ve not always been happy birthdays, there is something little about each new year that makes me smile.

Like my sixth birthday and my bouncy castle (which I hated) collapsed on a girl I didn’t like.

My ninth birthday when my dearly departed step-father gave me a book of bedtime fairy tales.

My twelfth birthday had Pirates of The Caribbean and blue slushies.

My fourteenth birthday was spent in a Subway wearing prom dresses and converses.

My nineteenth contained dancing, vodka, and Chinese food.

My twenty-first led to my pub being filled with all my favourite people celebrating my birthday with me.

And now my twenty-second is me, my best friend, afternoon tea in Bills, and Finding Dory. What more could a girl ask for?

So here’s to another year of the little things; the happy moments that make getting older worth it.

Happy Birthday, Me. 🙂 

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