Blogmas Days 14 & 15: Party Clean Up

Sunday night was my work’s Christmas party. There are too many stories to tell. Too many. Shots, dancing, an ice bucket hat, a blow-up elf. Too many stories.

A great night had by all ( I think, I don’t remember the last three hours…oops).

Oh and for anyone who read the last Blogmas post… I went for the red dress (obviously).

The morning after was a bit of a state… I’d thrown up all over my bathroom floor, ended up being two hours late for work, and showed up to work in sunglasses. Hardcore.

My boss found it hilarious.

We spent the day filling in the gaps in my memory, having a gossip and scrolling through our photos hoping they weren’t ALL blurry. Not much luck there, I’m afraid.

I think I’m back to feeling human again today *cue Human Again- Beauty and The Beast*

I still don’t know where the balloon elf went…


One thought on “Blogmas Days 14 & 15: Party Clean Up

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