Adrienne Thompson | Interview With An Author

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About The Author:

Adrienne Thompson has worn many titles in her lifetime–from teenage mother to teenage wife to divorcee to registered nurse to author.

This mother of two young adults and one teenager currently resides in Arkansas with her daughter where she writes and publishes her stories full time.

What’s your favourite book and why? The Color Purple is my favourite book. Up until reading that book, I had mostly read romances. The Color Purple changed my idea of what a book could be and exposed me to a side of life I knew nothing about.

Tea, or Coffee? Tea, with lemon and lots of sugar.

What got you into your particular genre of writing? I have a heart for broken women and their issues and I am a true believer in love, so it was only natural for me to write inspirational women’s fiction and romance. But I do write general inspirational fiction, as well.

Why do you love writing it? Because I love crafting storied about love, self-acceptance, and redemption.

How many books have you written and what are they? I’ve written several and published 17 books. They are:

The Bluesday Series:

  • Bluesday
  • Lovely Blues
  • Blues In The Key Of B
  • Locked out of Heaven

The Been So Long Series:

  • Rapture
  • If
  • Been So Long
  • Little Sister
  • Been So Long 2 (Body and Soul)
  • Been So Long III (Whatever It Takes)

The Your Love Is King Series:

  • Your Love Is King
  • Better

Stand-Alone Novels:

  • When You’ve Been Blessed (Feels Like Heaven)
  • See Me
  • Ain’t Nobody
  • Home

As a series author, do you find it hard to keep the story fresh? Not really. My series installations could be stories about anyone, but they just happen to follow the same characters. I try not to recycle stories.

What tips can you give aspiring authors about writing a series? Keep the story fresh and allow your characters to grow. Also, try to wrap-up some parts of each storyline. Cliff hangers are okay, but it’s important for the reader not to feel like they are being strung along on an endless journey.

 Is there anything controversial or different about your writing? My work is Christian-based, but my characters are not perfect. They are flawed, they make huge mistakes, and not all of them are likable.

How do you manage your time? Is it hard balancing your writing life with your working life? I quit my job two years ago and am now a full-time writer and independent publisher of my work. I do have to balance time between writing and marketing, and I use my Google calendar to schedule everything I do. I am able to manage my time better with a good schedule in place.

Are you self-published or with an agent? Was this an active choice? I am self-published and yes, it was an active choice. I am a bit of a control freak, so I enjoy having creative control, not to mention he monthly royalty checks. J

You’ve got a new book out! What’s it about?

HomecvrsmallMy new novel is titled, Home. It’s the first book I’ve written from a male’s perspective. Here’s the blurb:

For ladies’ man Ivan Spencer, there really is no place like HOME.

A family emergency brings former rapper and current real estate mogul, Ivan Spencer, back to his long-abandoned hometown. While there, he must deal with his confused mother, his elderly, philandering father, his flaky sister, an unreliable aunt, and a face from the past who makes him question some of his earlier decisions. All he wants to do is to get things squared away and return to his life, but as it turns out, he must deal with his own issues first.

Any links or websites you would like my readers to visit? Sure, readers can connect with me on the following sites:

Website: and 










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