Why Adults Need To Start Reading Kids Books Again

I wasn’t really allowed to read or own books as a child, so I discovered many kid-loved classics in my teens and twenties when I went to university.

Children’s books teach us so many things, and as someone who believes that there is always a lesson to be learned, I think adults need to start putting down the crime thriller and the erotica and start picking up those bedtime stories again.

I’m not saying never pick up a +15 novel again, but sometimes we are so wrapped up in work, bills, cars, problems that we don’t take any time to be a kid again; to be creative.

The one huge difference I have noticed between children’s fiction and adult fiction, is that children’s books are so much more creative!

They invite the reader to imagine some extraordinary things, like in Harry Potter where we are thrown into a world of magic and muggles combined. We are asked to believe that magic exists in our everyday lives… and I am so okay with that.

harry potter books curtosy of Flickr

Children’s literature has been shaping the minds of kids for years, whether it’s Beatrix Potter teaching us that we all need to have a little adventure in our lives, or Roald Dahl showing kids that adults don’t always know what they’re doing.

Peter-rabbit taken from Commons.Wikipedia

Learning lessons isn’t just for younger readers, and I’ve found that books written for the post-high-school world don’t teach us enough! The only thing I have ever learned from a crime or a thriller is that people have too much access to weapons, and that we can be cruel – but I think we all knew that…

So next time you think about picking up that dark cover with the girl’s silhouette on the front, maybe go for something with a little colour, a little fun and definitely some imagination!


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