“Use Your And” Campaign

The “Use Your And” campaign was started by Venus earlier this year to show how women are more than just one thing.

I’d personally like to say a huge well done to Carrie Hope Fletcher​ (author, vlogger, singer and actress) for taking part in this campaign – it is such a big issue we have that we have to pigeon hole ourselves as one thing. I’ve linked her video below because it’s such an important cause and I think we should all start using our AND.

So here I am – using my AND and taking a stand for people all over the world – not just women, but EVERYONE. We all have an AND. So let’s use them.

I am Melissa Holden. I am an author and a blogger and a student, and a daughter. I am an artist, and a bar maid and a friend and a girl. I am pretty and I am clumsy. I am intelligent and I am funny. I am silly and I am a reader and a writer. I am a poet and I am a sister and an aunt and a niece and a cousin. I am proud, I am a singer and I am short. I am me.

So who are you? Use your AND and tell me who you are.


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