Interview With An Author: Marie Saint Louis

What got you into writing? My clients were constantly asking when I was going to write a book. Through the years, I’ve shared many of my true stories with them, but never thought of writing a book.

My brother suggested I keep a journal of the events and I soon realized I had accumulated many interesting stories. My book was born.

What’s your favourite book and why? Besides the Bible, I have a few thick books of the world’s best short stories. By reading these stories over and over, I have continued on improving my own writing.

What’s your writing routine? I write down details as they happen. Afterwards, I get busy in structuring the specific chapter and include the people I meet, the readings, and what is going on around me while I’m there. I want readers to feel like they are actually attending with me and have a front row seat!

Tea, or Coffee? Definitely Chai Tea!

What got you into your particular genre of writing? My book is a true account of the real people, places, and events I have experienced as a psychic medium.

Why do you love writing it? I believe writing is all about how your words impact another person’s life in a positive manner.

Yes, the psychic medium readings are a huge part of the book but the message is bigger than that. Every person who has come and sat at my vendor table has essentially bared their personal lives with me and has made my life more enriched. Now I am able to share those experiences with my readers.

As a first time author, how are you finding the publishing process? At first, I had no clue what I was doing and still continue to learn from the experts. Every night, I take the time to research a different self-publishing topic. These topics range from book cover designs to marketing ideas. This past year, I attended a few local writing conferences and spoke with other authors too.  I basically learned as I went through the process and still have a lot to study.

How many books have you written and what are they? RSVP From Heaven is my first book.


As a series author, do you find it hard to keep the story fresh? No, for years I’ve been taking part in all types of parties and events. I have shared  psychic medium readings at fairs, festivals, private parties and many more. You just never know where I’m going to show up!

I’m already working on my next book in the RSVP from Heaven series.  The second book, will take readers on even more exciting journeys.

One chapter will be about my experiences sharing psychic medium readings with guests at a tattoo and motorcycle event. My vendor table was alongside tattoo artists, piercers, and a seamstress sewing on various types of patches on the leather jackets for bikers. Readers will once again be introduced to compelling people seeking guidance or longing to be connected guests to deceased loved ones.

What tips can you give aspiring authors about writing a series? Write about what your love to do and listen to your loyal readers.

 Is there anything controversial or different about your writing? Yes, many elements about my life and some of the events I take part in may be seen as controversial to others.

How do you manage your time? Is it hard balancing your writing life with your working life? Yes, I have two full time careers and the only time I have for writing is in the evening after appointments with my clients. I write many nights until 1am to 2am then have to get up at 6am to get ready for work.

 Are you self-published or with an agent? Was this an active choice? From the beginning I had decided to self-publish my book.

 Do you have a writing space? Tell us what it’s like! One of my favorite places to write was at night outside at this little 24 hour taco shop. I would sit for hours on timeworn orange picnic benches and write my chapters.

Now, I write in my comfortable home office with my window open. I love hearing the coyotes down the street howling!

How do you keep motivated? I made a promise to my clients I would finish the book for them. My mother has also been instrumental in keeping me motivated.

What did you struggle with the most when writing your new book? Writing is definitely a challenge for me because I place a lot of pressure on myself to ensure my readers enjoy the book. I had to work through a great deal of apprehension, comparing myself to other writers, and self-doubt in completing my first book.

Do you have any hints for my readers about writing? It’s important to write in your own voice. If you’re not being yourself, you’ll eventually will burn out. Once you find your voice continue to develop it. It’s the way you set yourself apart from the thousands of other writers out there.

You message needs to be heard and writing in your own voice needs to come within and in order to capture the true essence of what you are expressing to readers.

Is there anything you wish you had known BEFORE you started your latest book? The incredible amount of organization, rewriting, editing, and marketing it takes to create a book on your own.

You’ve got a new book out! What’s it about? RSVP From Heaven is about my life as a  psychic medium who has spent years sharing guidance and communicating with the deceased for her clients at the most amazing parties and unique events around. Some of these events may be controversial in the eyes of others. Of course, it wasn’t easy because I battled social anxiety, rejection, and sceptics along the way.

Readers will sit tableside with me during readings at an Arizona casino swap meet and have front row seats with costumed guests during three nights of dazzling Hollywood Halloween parties. You never will know where I will show up next!

Told in a down to earth and often intimate style, I share true tales of the compelling people I meet who are searching for direction in love, career, family, relocation, and other topics. In the midst of busy fairs and festivals, I pass messages on from deceased loved ones to the individuals seated at my vendor table.

RSVP from Heaven is a fresh new approach in spiritual books that will entertain and captivate readers around the world. It is a remarkable timeless tale about the shared emotions we experience as people and our quest to find answers while living our personal journeys.

How did you decide on cover art? Did you consult with a designer or is it all you? It took me over six weeks of viewing portfolios and I was becoming frustrated in my search. Then I came across the portfolio of local graphic designer Will Manchas. I was hooked as soon as I saw his prior designs for the fashion industry and the Phoenix Suns.

The first concept he presented me was exactly what I asked him to do. Then I “let him loose” to create something for me. The second design was selected after polling friends and family.

Any links or websites you would like my readers to visit?

Later this month, I will have a personal website where people can visit and receive information regarding my progress on my second book, excerpts, contests, giveaways, personal appearances, and services.

My readers are valued and I want to be able to connect with them through my site.

Readers can discover me on the following social media sites:




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