My Top 5 NaNoWriMo Essentials!

As a NaNo newbie, I am finding my own way around the bizarre NaNo-land and these five things have really helped me out when I’m writing:

1. A Good Mug

best friends mug

2. The Ultimate Playlist

I found this playlist last night and it’s really good for the essential background noise.

3. Comfy Clothes

Melissa Holden comfy clothes

There is nothing more distracting than being sat at your desk and not being able to concentrate because you’re clothes aren’t comfy. I suggest pj’s or maybe leggings/track suit bottoms. Unless you have a favourite pair of jeans, in which case – go for it!

4. Peace and Quiet


Peace is a must when you’re writing! I live with five other people so the only time it’s quiet is either at dawn or at 1 am. You need to find time when it’s just you so can focus.

5. A Trusty Notebook

blue notebook

It goes without saying that when you’re away from the keyboard, you’re still writing away in your head. So I suggest you carry around a notebook for that particular story, that way all of your notes are in one place!

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