My Writing Process for Searching For Katherine

In a few of the interviews I’ve been doing lately, people have been eager to know about my writing process. But truth be told I don’t really have a set way to writing all my books.
However, I can tell you what I went through in order to write my latest novel – Searching For Katherine!
The Idea:
Searching For Katherine basically appeared in my head one day in a beautifully vague form. It is mostly based on grief and how friendships can effect people  – it kind of just escalated from there.
The Notes:
I spent about a week making notes about the characters and the basic plot before I even started planning. I like making mind maps and colourful charts.
The Planning:
I usually plan as I write and let the story flow – which I still did to some extent – but there was a lot more chapter sketching done before I started writing (none of which I stuck to in the end, but it’s nice to have some structure before you start!)
The First Draft:
No first draft is ever perfect. Simple as! And to be fair, mine was more a series of first drafts with added chapters. It took me about four months to write.
The Alpha Readers:
My alpha and beta readers were a god send because they helped me see the gaping plot holes that I was blind to. I also had a lot of help with the proofreading this time around because I wanted it to be the best it could be.
The Mental Breakdown:
This is a long story so I’ll keep it brief. After a long chat with one of my lovely lectures, I realised that Searching For Katherine just wasn’t ready for the public and I decided to put it away for the summer until I could look at it with a fresh perspective.
The Re-boot:
After three months of summer work and projects, I finally returned to the novel with brand new eyes. I was deleting and adding chapters left right and centre, and the book doubled in length.
The Beta Readers:
My beta readers were so understanding when I sent them the new and improved manuscript, and despite a few hiccups – everyone agreed the new take was so much better. I finally hit my final draft and was ready to publish.
The Formatting:
I then spent a few weeks formatting the novel for Create Space and Amazon Kindle to get it ready for a 31 October release. The Kindle edition will be out then, but the print version is going to be a little late due to formatting issues.
So there, my writing process. It’s not very exciting, I’ll give you that – but I think that writers should help each other out and my way of doing that is sharing my journey with you all. I hope it helps all you budding authors out there.

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