Sneak Peak: Searching For Katherine

*EXCLUSIVE* There’s only two weeks left until the book launch, so I thought I’d give you all a little treat! Here is a sneak peek from my new novel, Searching For Katherine.


Extract from Chapter One

She looked at her watch, forty minutes to spare and Katherine was going to meet her for a coffee. She walked across the high street and entered the double doors of the coffee shop. There was no queue, so she approached the barista with a smile and said, “Can I have a large tea, please.” She removed her purse from her bag and pulled out the coins she needed.

“Yes, of course. That’s £2.95.” Jennifer handed over the money and watched as the barista put the change in the till and wandered off to make her drink; chewing gum as she called out to her colleague about a ‘fit guy walking in, and how it was her turn to ‘have a go’. Jennifer gazed at the paper coffee cups as she waited. Of all the drinks they sell, she must think my order is so dull. Then again, it’s probably a lot easier to make. I mean, I add the milk and the sugar, all she does is put a tea bag in hot water, she thought, fiddling with the zip on her purse. The barista returned – still chewing her gum -, handed Jennifer her drink and walked off to serve another customer. Jennifer looked around for a table and found the only one free was in the corner. She hurried over and put her drink down on the table. She sat down and pulled a book from her bag: Discussing Wittgenstein. She had been there for five minutes when she was interrupted by a figure hovering over her.

“Sorry, do you mind if I sit here? There’s nowhere else.” A tall man with tanned skin and dark hair stood in front of her.

“Oh, of course, go ahead.” She pulled her tea closer to her side of the table and returned her gaze to the book. A moment later, she peered over the top of it to find him trying to read the blurb on the back, his head tilted a little to make up for the odd angle at which Jennifer held her book. She had often been told she positioned books weirdly, especially when she was sitting in a chair reading them. Katherine had frequently told her that she looked as if she were about to curl up or topple over the way she twisted herself. Jennifer paid no attention to her friend and carried on reading at strangle angles, but the strange man was now making her acutely aware of how odd she looked half-leaning, her book on a forty-five degree angle compared to the level table. She straightened up, tucking a loose hair behind her ear and tried to brush off the deep embarrassment she was experiencing as the man corrected his tilted head and apologised.

“Sorry, it just seemed interesting.” He laughed, picking up his coffee cup. He was beautiful: green eyes, a killer smile and lightly tanned skin.

“It is an amazing story – it’s all true.” She replied.

“Really? Have you read it before then?” He asked.

“Yes. Only once though – it is a beautiful read, but I can’t read the ending in public.”

“Oh and why is that?” The pretty stranger enquired, his eyes looking past the book and Jennifer felt nervous, as if she were being recorded or studied by odd people in lab coats. She expected someone to show up to take her pulse or a blood sample at any moment.

“It makes me cry,” she stated, still attempting to read, and yet looking at the man’s face. “Have you just been on holiday?” Her subconscious question escaped from her lips, noticing the warm hue to his complexion.

He laughed and answered, “Yes I have – Bora Bora.”

“My room-mate is going there in a few weeks with her boyfriend. Is it nice?”

He murmured in response as he drank his tea. He put the cup on the table and held his hand out, “I’m Marcus.”

She gave him a big smile, put down her book and shook his hand. “Jennifer.” She laughed, “I didn’t think people shook hands anymore?”

“I’m a businessman – it’s polite. And it’s an excuse for some skin-to-skin contact I suppose.” Marcus winked at her and she could do nothing but giggle and blush. “Well, it was lovely to meet you, Jennifer. But I have to go and take care of some business. I’ll see you around?”

“Yeah, sure. I come here quite a lot so… yes.” She held back a girlish squeal and straightened her back, which pushed her chest forward.

Marcus stood up, nodded goodbye and walked away from their table. Jennifer tried to return to her book, but she couldn’t get his face out of her head. A few minutes later, Katherine arrived, waved at her and sat down. Her hair was messed by the spring breeze and she wrapped her scarlet coat around her frame.

“What happened?” Katherine smirked, stealing a swig of Jennifer’s drink before yelling to order her own. “

Like what you see? Pre-order Searching For Katherine on Amazon today! Out 31 October 2014. 


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