Searching For Katherine Re-Boot!

After nine months of stress, meltdowns and hundreds of cups of tea – Searching For Katherine is finally ready to be released into the big bad world.
Searching For Katherine originally started as the story of a girl being kidnapped. But it has now evolved into the heart-wrenching story about the aftermath of crime, and how humans cope.
The book will be available in both Kindle and print form on Amazon this winter, and will be ready to buy in November 2014 (details to follow).
I will be printing some copies to sign, so if you are interested in a signed copy then please email me at:
If you have followed this book’s journey then you will know that it has been a long time coming, and the novel almost didn’t make it. In June 2014, Searching For Katherine was pulled after I decided that it wasn’t the book I had aimed to write. I had rushed the project in the hope for a summer release and had effectively deprived the book of my attention. However after a long think and some good advice from my friends, I put the book on hold until I was ready to give it the attention it deserved.
I’m happy to say that in August, I picked up my metaphorical pen and started working on the book once more. I had the advantage of working from a manuscript that had been edited by some of the best and I had a lot of feedback from my primary beta-readers.
So I got stuck in, and only weeks ago I finished Searching For Katherine for good. It’s been a crazy journey with the book, but I am so glad I waited to publish it. The first half of 2014 was less than brilliant for me as I was grieving over the loss of a close family member. But now I am happy, healthy and have spun my grief into career goals.
I hope you all enjoy Searching For Katherine as much as I did when I wrote it. I welcome feedback whether it’s in the form of an Amazon review or a quick Tweet (@melissaholden94)!

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