Brooklands Lakes, Dartford



I found this plaque on a walk with my family around Brooklands Lakes yesterday and it really intrigued me. It’s a white plaque screwed into the fisherman’s post wood that simply says “Speech Therapy Room 1”. 

2014-09-02 11.56.10


And it made me wonder why it was there. I tried to do some research into the plaque but there was nothing. I couldn’t believe that something so poignant had no history. I will assume it is in dedication to someone, but here is my theory/story:

A man was being treated for speech therapy after an accident, but he couldn’t get over the trauma in the hospital because it made him nervous. So, a kind doctor asked him what kind of hobbies he enjoyed before he was ill, and the man drew a picture of a fish. 

The doctor took the patient to Brooklands Lakes and let the man fish. Over time, the patient grew more confident and relaxed. His therapy started working and within the year his speech was perfect. 

When the patient died many many years later, his family put the sign there in order to signify that some ailments are not treated by medicine, but by kindness and the ability to be able to live your life no matter what troubles you. 

If you know anything about the truth behind the plaque, please tell me in the comments because I am really interested to find out it’s history. I will be doing some more research into it myself – but if you beat me to it then feel free to email me:

Whilst doing some research, I found a fellow blogger from Dartford. You can find his blog here. 



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