Stereotypes About Female Authors

There are several stereotypes about female writers through the years, and I thought I would get rid of a few of them for you!

female authors

We all write erotica.

Uh no. Just no. Admittedly more women do write erotica – but so what? We are lucky enough to be alive in a century where women are confident enough with there sexuality to write about it. But not all of us feel the need to share it with the world. Every writer has given the naughty writing a go, but some of us just aren’t good at putting our sexual fantasies on paper. 

We’re all emotional.

Again, some of us are – but I know dozens of female writers in my circles don’t write emotionally. Sometimes emotions just don’t factor into it. 

None of us write Sci/Fi Fantasy. 

Some of the best sci/fi I’ve read came from female writers! 

We aren’t as dedicated. 

This comes from the stereotype that women fit writing into their family lives and that our children and spouses come first. Not true – my writing comes before everything, and my loved ones understand that. Yes, some women have a lot more to juggle than male writers, but our busy lives do not factor into our dedication!

We only write romances. 

I (to date) have not written a romance novel, and I don’t intend to! It’s not my style, and it doesn’t work for my writing. This is no discredit to women who do write romances, but not all of us do and it shouldn’t be assumed so. 

We can’t write. 

This is probably the biggest and the worst stereotype! Many of the best literary figures are women: Beatrix Potter, Sylvia Plath, Alice Walker, JK Rowling, and so many more! 

Don’t let stereotypes get in the way of your dreams. 

Do you know of anymore stereotypes for women writers? Tweet me @melissaholden94

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