Scarlett Winters: Part Three

If you missed the previous installments, you can find them here: Part One & Part Two

Scarlett Winters 1

Scarlett arrived at the office with his voice still ringing in her head. Lock him. She couldn’t understand why they needed to be so cruel, he’s an old man who missed his planet – not a rebel. He just wanted to go home. 

As she approached her office pod, a thin man with blue hair appeared at her side. 

“Miss Winters, I heard about your father.”

“How?” They walked briskly towards her pod as they spoke. The metal building left a tang in the air.

“They called the desk first. They wanted to check if anyone had seen you here before they tried calling you themselves.”

“Cowards.” She muttered, unlocking her pod door. The room was blue and red, with lanterns and silk everywhere – a standard office in her favourite colours. 

“Miss! Curse your words – they might hear you.” The man whispered, his eyes to the floor.

“Damned if they do – reliving the past isn’t illegal.”

“Actually, it is. A new amendment from the Royals – illegal visitations to Earth are now punishable by Locking.” 

“I know that much… that’s… that’s what they’re doing to my father. But it’s inhumane!” She stuttered, pain catching in her throat. The man stared at her from her pod door, a look of horror on his face.”

“Oh, Scarlett – I’m sorry, I didn’t realise that’s what they wanted… can you not bail him out?”

“Nope, it’s too late – it’s Locking or death. Personally, I would rather choose death.”

“Locking isn’t that bad-“

“They delete you! Your loves, your losses, your pains and your past. They make you who you are, and without all of that history, you might as well be a bot!” Scarlett sobbed a little and bit her lip. The man watched her weep for a moment and then walked away, leaving her door open so the rest of the office could hear her crying. 


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