Scarlett Winters: Part 2 (flash fiction)

Missed part one? Catch up here!

Scarlett Winters 1

Scarlett rushed out of the front door and headed for the exit. Her building had one thousand apartments, a hundred on each floor. To leave the building, she stepped into the elevator pod and called for the ground floor. It whooshed through the maze of tunnels that the elevators traveled through and finally reached the main exit to the apartment building. Dozens of people stepped out of their pods in suits, finery and the occasional gown and head towards the foyer. The pods were in a row – one for every floor and could fit ten people in at a time. Scarlett had once heard that on Earth, they had one pod that traveled the entire length of the block and that everyone used it. But she hardly believed her father’s tall tales of Earth. 

She swiped her I-Dent card on her way out of the door and turned right to head towards the tube station. After a five minute walk on the conveyor street, she reached the gates of the station. From the outside, it was grey and dull but once you stepped through the black iron gates, you saw the confusion of clear plastic piping with canisters whizzing through them. She swiped her card once again and approached one of the open canisters that were lined up on the tracks. She stepped inside and lay down on the bar-bed. The canister lid closed above her, and she touched the screen and entered her destination on the keypad. The canister locked shut and began it’s ascent into the tubes. Today Scarlett was using the Green Line because she’d heard that there had been a blocking on the Blue Line due to a canister being opened mid-journey. It was backed up for miles and no one could get out. 

Twenty minutes later, the canister arrived at Central Moon station and she exited the station, once again scanning her IDent card. The cards were used to prove where all members of the realm were at all times – that way if they needed to find you, it was only too simple. Scarlett thought it was annoying but didn’t really consider it much. Even bots had built-in IDents so they could be tracked. She stopped at an iCafe on the way to work and picked up a sandwich for her lunch, but as she left the store her communicator buzzed in her ear. 

“Scarlett Winters?” The metallic female voice inquired.

“Yes, bot. Who is calling?”

“I have Sir Luna on for you Miss Winters. Would you like me to connect the call?”

“Please.” Scarlett carried on walking to work but she started to panic. Sir Eric Luna was the man who discovered Luna 7, the very planet sector she lived and worked in. He ran the whole thing, and controlled the fate of everyone in his domain. A direct call from him could only mean one thing.”

“Miss Winters, it’s Luna. I’m afraid it’s happened again.”

“I am so sorry Sir, I thought he had been taken prisoner by the Imperial Guard?”

“So did I, but apparently he escaped and killed two of my best men in the process.” Luna’s voice was even, but she could tell he was angry.

“And how many credits is bail this time, Sir?”

“I’m afraid this is going to cost a bit more than credits Miss Winters, this is his third strike – I’ll have to lock him.”

“Lock him? But sir! He’s just an Earthist – you lived there, you must know what it’s like?”

“Miss Winters, are you arguing with me?”

“No, sir.”

“Who am I?”

“Sir Eric Luna, our leader and great defender from the hostile galaxies.”

“And who is the prisoner?”

Just my father.” 


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