Scarlett Winters and the Bots (flash fiction)

Scarlett Winters 1

Scarlett opened her tired eyes to find blurry figures hovering above her face. She brushed the figures away with her weak arms, but as her fingertips brushed against the metal, the figures zapped her awake.

“Okay okay – I’m up, no need to electrocute me!” Scarlett rubbed her eyes and then stretched in her bed, her toes touching the metal bed frame, and her arms reaching for the stars above her head. The metal figures beeped three times as she climbed out of bed.

“No, it’s too early. Tell him lunchtime.”

They beeped again.

“Fine, I’ll be there in half an hour.” She shuffled across the warm rouge carpet over to the dresser table. She touched the mirror glass lightly with her index finger, and the screen turned on. “Give me subtle but sexy. I’ve got an important meeting later and I don’t want to look tired.” The mirror beeped, and small blue-metal make up brushes began to apply make up to her face. The main panel was spilt in two: the top half showed her reflection, and the bottom half was today’s news. Scarlett turned up the volume and the newsreader’s voice echoed around her bedroom.

“…and in other news, the Governor of Sector Five is planning an August Ball to commemorate the fallen soldiers from The Battle of Jupiter 4. More details to follow…” She turned the voice down, and waved her left arm at the metal figures.

“Tin – why is the news so depressing?” The smaller of the two metal figures beeped, it’s teal lights reacting as if it was speaking to her. Tin swept across the room and sat on her shoulder, smaller than an Earth-kitten, but metal and round with teal flashing lights.

“Apparently, on Earth 1 – they used to have programmes on the screens that were purely for entertainment: most of it was fake.” Tin beeped again.

“It’s true – my father told me. And, he said they were allowed to do whatever they wanted as long as they paid their bills. It sounds like an amazing planet. I wish I’d seen it.” Tin beeped furiously.

“No, I can’t – it’s in quarantine. You know Earth visits are strictly forbidden for civilians – only the Royals can go there. Don’t fill my head with ideas, Tin!” She pushed the bot away and touched a black button on the surface of the table. A wardrobe wobbled into existence to the right of her, and an outfit digitalised, hanging from the black wooden door. She stood up and touched the outfit, which then moved, fibre by fibre, to her body. A moment later she was fully dressed and ready to walk out the door.

The second bot beeped, and whizzed over to a small drawer tower.
“Oh, thanks Copper! I need my five-a-day!” Scarlett walked over to the tower and opened the second drawer. She pulled out an orange tablet and swallowed.

“Watermelon, grape, orange, banana and strawberries – my favourite. Now, bots – I really have to go. Behave, don’t harass the dog-bot and remember to take the rubbish out.” Scarlett picked up a square red handbag and rushed out of the door.


Like it? Read part two here. 


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