Searching For Katherine: Update (July 2014)

As you may or may not know, I am back working on Searching For Katherine. 

At the moment I’m taking it slow, and drawing in as much feedback as I can before I really start editing. My friends have been amazing and my beta readers are just incredible – I can’t thank them enough! 

Artwork by Deborah Bretherton. Book by Melissa Holden

Artwork by Deborah Bretherton. Book by Melissa Holden

I’m just waiting on a little bit more feedback so when I dive into my re-write, I can know exactly what I need to do. So far, I have made general notes at the beginning of each chapter about what was wrong or what people didn’t like. My author friend E.J was great and basically wrote down everything that didn’t quite work with the book, so I’ve been working from her notes. 

I’m really excited to get back into the book, and I’m hoping for a Christmas release, but then I might send it out to publishers as it is my first real novel. I’m sure quite sure what’s going to happen with this project, but I’m glad someone knocked some sense into me and made me realise that it just wasn’t ready for public release yet. 

The story is still the same, give or take some characters, but it’s going to be bigger and better than before! The current word count is around 35,000, but I’m hoping to finish around the 80,000 words mark this time.

I’m also considering some serious move-around’s chapter-wise, and am thinking about cutting the first chapter altogether! We’ll see… 

Anyway – that’s it from me for now, I’m going to start editing for the day 🙂 


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