Possible Regrets (rant)

Sometimes I just wish I’d had the life I was supposed to have instead of the life I wanted. It would be uncomplicated, simple. And I probably wouldn’t be lonely. I might be content with the basics in life, and maybe I would have achieved my goals later in life.

But I had to want everything now. I had to leave. And now I’m stuck here and I can’t go back because it’s taking five steps back when I’ve only taken three forward. Now I’ve left, I can’t return knowing life is better somewhere else. But I’m not sure I’m even allowed to keep the life I want so badly. Maybe I should just give up and go back to the simple life. Just go home. 

Do we get a second chance in life when the second chance would mean giving up so much just to pretend to be happy? Or should I stay on this path and be honestly miserable? I can’t decide, and no one can decide for me. Maybe it’s just for time to tell and reveal what I’m supposed to be. 


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