A Trilogy Idea?

About a year ago, I approached one of my lectures with a story I had written, and asked for his opinion.


‘The Descendants of the Month Children’


It’s about a magical royal family who lived on a secret island that was invaded by pirates.

He had several comments on the story: he really liked the idea and the characters, he liked the steam-punk/Dickens feel, but his biggest notation was that not only did he want to read more, but he thought it could be turned into a trilogy.

A trilogy! It was a 3,000 word story that I randomly hashed out. It started from the description of a shop window and escalated into the possibility of a trilogy.

If you are a regular reader, you’ll know I’m a little on edge with my fiction writing at the moment, but I’ve been considering writing this trilogy for a while now.

Despite the fact that I’ve got a long summer ahead of me, with my final year of university approaching: I doubt this is a project I’ll start any time soon, but I am eager to start planning.

  • I might even take on the J.K Rowling approach and keep dozens of files about the books.
  • I may keep journals of the book development and work from them.
  • I might start a blog, and write five hundred words a day, to see if people like it.
  • I might write the entire trilogy over the next few years, and then release it with a publisher.

I’m not sure what to do with this particular project yet, but I expect I’ll spend several months planning it no matter what I decide to do. I’ve got lots of research to do – into magic, royal hierarchy, possible island locations, and much much more.

As always – keeping you posted!

If you have any suggestions as to how I can plan this trilogy, or good research books for me to delve into – comment below!


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