The Impact You Have on People in Your Life

I just got a notification on my phone saying that my ex housemate, Quinland had posted on my wall – so of course I was curious. Then I read it and nearly cried:

YOU are one of the best housemates anyone could hope to have, in my humble opinion. Now this is really bad, because I had actually planned to come back and tell you this face to face before you moved out so when I realised that I was going to get back until July I hung my head in shame! Honestly though, I’m glad you were one of my housemates in what was my first year away from home. When I went back this weekend and saw the little notes about the books and charity shops I could’ve shed a tear! Absolute gem. You never know, I may show up at your store before I leave, this month. I felt like there was a mini (and growing) celebrity in the house! That automatically categorises me as cool. So thank you! Keep in touch 🙂 


Instantly, I replied with similar affects and said how great it was to meet him – which is true. We got on great and he is an incredible person to have known and lived with. 

But a moment later, I realised – he took time out of his day to write this note to me. And it’s not full of placation or general niceties – it’s things he has said before and genuinely means. 

And he called me a ‘mini/growing celebrity’. It struck home with me. This man was a complete stranger a year ago, but he witnessed (and aided) my writing career going from  0 to 10 in a matter of months. 

They say the people around you effect you in one way or another, and I think Quinland made me aware that there are some really honest and happy people on this planet who take life as it comes and make the best of every situation. He made me more positive with my life. 

Quinland, if you are reading this – thanks for being you and thanks for being an incredible housemate for the past year. 


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