Announcement: Searching For Katherine Postponed

I’m reluctant to announce this so late in the game, but I’ve decided that Searching for Katherine is not ready for public release.

After the wonderful feedback from my beta readers, editors, friends and lecturers, I have realized that the book just isn’t the best it could be.

There was just so much work to be done, but it took a conversation with a writer/lecturer to realize what I was doing. I was rushing the book because I was so excited about it, but in truth it just isn’t ready!

But not to worry, Searching for Katherine will be available one day in the future, but not yet. There is still a lot to fix, reconsider and perhaps remove. And rather than rush this for the release date in two weeks, I have decided to hold off for a few months until I have time to reflect on the story.

Artwork by Deborah Bretherton. Book by Melissa Holden

Artwork by Deborah Bretherton. Book by Melissa Holden

I’m a little sad that I’ve had to postpone the book release, but I think it’s for the best. Searching for Katherine needs a lot more work that I just can’t do right now.

But in the coming months, I will be working on it and it is still a priority. it just needs to step back for a little while so I can forget about it, and come back to it with fresh eyes and a new perspective.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me develop the book, and those who helped me review and promote it. (Also, thank you to Debbie for her beautiful artwork – I’m sorry I’ll have to hide it from the world for a few years.) I sincerely appreciate your help and the time you took out of your lives to support a budding writer. It is because of all this that I realized I couldn’t possibly publish now – I want to produce an amazing book,  not a good one.

Thank you to everyone for your support and help. I’m going to dedicate my near future to other projects, and let Searching for Katherine develop in silence in a virtual drawer.

Could anyone with related posts upcoming please not publish them – sorry for any inconvenience. Obviously, if they have already published – that’s not an issue. 


5 thoughts on “Announcement: Searching For Katherine Postponed

  1. Sorry to hear this from the standpoint that I was looking forward to reading it, but completely understand from an author’s standpoint. I did the same with my first book; it was just that no one knew it :-). Good luck with it, and the other work you take on during this time!

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