Five Places I Want To Visit

A while ago, me and a friend were discussing the places we would like to visit the most. Now, I’m not very well traveled so don’t expect much. Here is my photo list of places I want to visit:

Venice, Italy.


It looks like such a beautiful place, and the culture is so different! (Also – if I go to Italy, I can visit Lara!)


Edinburgh, Scotland.


I’m actually one quarter Scottish, but I’ve never been there. So it would be interesting to see where my heritage comes from.




Just because I like saying “Cali”.


Vancourver, Canada.


I know some people that have moved out there, and they say it’s beautiful.


Berlin, Germany.


I’ve been to Koln before, but it would be nice to see a major city.



4 thoughts on “Five Places I Want To Visit

  1. Good choices. Edinburgh is a great city. Venice is lovely, but soooo touristy and crowded (which kind of spoiled it for me). Berlin is on my list of places I’d like to see, too. You should add Rome though, it’s amazing (probably my favourite).

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