Searching For Katherine: Press Release

Searching for Katherine is the new fiction novel by Melissa Holden.

Artwork by Deborah Bretherton. Book by Melissa Holden

Artwork by Deborah Bretherton. Book by Melissa Holden

Release Date:

Winter 2014 on Amazon Kindle

Product Description:

Jennifer and Katherine are living the typical post-university life, drinking lots of tea and going clubbing. But when Katherine is kidnapped in a night club, Jennifer’s whole world is turned upside down.

Could her luck finally have changed for the better when Marcus enters her life, or is it about to get a whole lot worse?


“A gripping story from a promising young author.” – Stewart Ross

Author’s Note:

“I loved writing this novel. It was also a personal challenge as it’s the longest book I’ve written so far. I look forward to my readers thoughts.”

Melissa Holden’s contact details:



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