Interview With An Author: Lisa Collicutt


Lisa Collicutt

Lisa Collicutt Bio:

Lisa likes to write dark and twisted tales of magic and romance. She has a passion for Young Adult and New Adult Paranormal.

When she’s not conjuring tales about witches, demons, and other magical beings, she can be found leathered, and bound to the back of her husband’s Harley, touring her homeland of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Enter Lisa’s imagination where light ends and fantasy begins. But heed these warnings… its dark, it’s magical, you may experience tingles.


What got you into writing?

 I’ve always wanted to write, but never thought I could, so I didn’t really try early in life life. But my love of reading fantasy and paranormal eventually won over. There have always been stories in my head, and now I’m so grateful I get to write them for the world to read.


Who’s your favourite author?

 My favorites have become the hundreds of writers I hang out with on social media—too numerous to mention. But I do admire Ann Rice and Bertrice Small, and all the writers of the Dragon Lance saga.


What’s your writing routine?

 I have a day job, so I try and write whenever I can, no specific routine. For instance, today is Sunday, and a glorious sunny day. I turned down a motorcycle day trip with my husband and friends to work on the 3rd book in a series I’m working on . . . sigh.


Tea or Coffee?

 Ugh! This is a bitter subject for me. I’m allergic to both—caffeine in general, which means, yup, you guessed it—chocolate. *insert sad face here*. The warm melty goodness gives me migraines. But I do like herbal teas, and drink lots of room temperature water with lemon slices.


What’s your writing process?

 I’m a loose plotter, which means that I don’t much plot at all. So far in all the years that I’ve written, I haven’t had to think up my next book, so I’m lucky there. My head is brimming with ideas, and I have many works in progress waiting for me to be cloned. I usually start with an idea that comes to me out of the blue, and run from there. My characters take charge of their own fate after that, mostly when I’m trying to sleep at night. Sometimes I have the title first, other times it will come to me as I write. I keep lots of notes, from my computer desk, to anywhere else in the house, to the car, purse, and my desk at work. Most of them never get looked at again. There is no step-by-step process with me.

I do a lot of re-reading over my work, and editing along the way. Some writers find this distracting, and in a way it is, but I can’t go on where I left off, if I didn’t read over what I wrote last. I write smoothly this way.


Tell us a little bit about your latest book.

 I’m in the middle of two series, one I’m co-writing The Serendipitous Curse series with Aiden James, and the other is all mine. Let’s start with that one. The Devil’s Flower is the 1st book available in the Eternal Beings trilogy. Having been around motorcycles most of my life, I wanted to write a unique story about bikers. With my love of fantasy, I decided to incorporate leather-wearing, weapon-brandishing angels and demons that ride bikes and break the law on a daily basis.

The Serendipitous Curse series is set in modern day and past day Savannah Georgia, about a man who, through the magic of Hoodoo, discovers a horrific past.


How long did it take you to write? Did you have any problems with the story?

 It takes me about six months to complete a story, ready for edit. The only problem, I would say, and they’re not really problems, is writing about places I’ve never been to including different time periods. There is a lot of research that goes in to any one of my books, for various reasons.


Are your friends and family supportive of your writing career?

 Writing has become a regular part of my life, therefore my family and friends lives. Most are supportive, in that they let me run ideas by them, read my work as I write and pick out any mistakes. They share my posts on social media and they buy my books.


How do you manage your time? Is it hard balancing your writing life with your working life?

 I’m glad I have a job to get up and go to every day, but I wouldn’t complain if one day I found myself at a stage where I could write as a career and have more free time for me. I’ve missed out on family functions, sunny days with friends, and life in general, but I’d never give up writing.


Are you self-published or with an agent? Tell us about it

 Neither. So far in my writing career, I’m published (without an agent) with Curiosity Quills Press.


How do you keep motivated?

 My love of writing keeps me motivated. That, accompanied by my imagination and readers who want something unique to read.

 Thanks Lisa!

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  1. Great questions and answers. I have similar feelings about my own writing. Currently enjoying your book, ‘The G
    athering Darkness.’

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