Unsafe Containers: Hard To Contain Emotions

Unsafe Containers, we ask which emotion you find to be the hardest to contain

Anger. Definitely my anger.

I’m not an emotional person, that is to say I don’t cry or get upset easily. But I am quick to lose my temper.

Not to worry, I doubt you’ll see me on the news after committing a triple-homicide anytime soon, but if you lose your tongue around me then you may be privy to a punch.


If someone bumps me in the street, I find it hard not to give ’em what for – but I don’t do it.

I think anger is probably the least social-friendly emotion, as it scares people. If you have a temper, people think you are aggressive. They basically think that at any moment you could snap, turn green and start terrorizing the neighborhood.


I won’t be doing that either. Sometimes I just need to walk away from people and take a minute. And then about half of them do the worst thing imaginable: they grab me.

grab arm google

Then that’s it – the kraken has been unleashed! I’m yelling, cussing, flailing my arms about. All because they pissed me off. On a few occasions, I have been known to give a slap – but as a general rule: I don’t hit other girls. Boys on the other-hand are often at the mercy of my girlish whacks round the back of the head.

My temper used to be a lot worse, but now I have the internet to vent on and it’s a lot better.

ADVICE: Don’t take your anger out on people, they won’t understand why you are mad and it will just cause a row. Simply walk away, take a breath and come out with a witty remark.


2 thoughts on “Unsafe Containers: Hard To Contain Emotions

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