Wow, just wow – there are 200 of you watching my posts, and following me on my journey? Incredible!


*Cue Oscars speech*

I’d like to thank my mom, my dad, my friends, my lecturers, Norman (RIP), and myself. I put my work out into the scary world and people actually liked it!

I started my writing career with a really bad blogspot page and a Twitter I never used. Now, there are 200 followers for this blog alone – plus my other blogs, my 756 Twitter followers, and 132 Facebook page followers. There’s a lot of you out there!

Thank you for supporting me with my career and I hope I can make a difference with these posts, with anything I write.

I write in order to leave my mark on the world and hope that a part of me will live on through my writing because as long as my words are still alive: I am immortal.


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