Meet The Author of “52 Weeks of Writing Tips”: Bob Nailor

“My name is Robert S. Nailor but most people just call me Bob. Notice that I placed an “S” in my name. My father’s name was Robert and my #4 son’s name is Robert so to keep things straight, we had different middle initials. But enough of that.

I’m retired from the federal government. I was a computer geek and still do some programming yet today.

I live with my wife, Violet, in a ranch home snuggled into a small wooded acre in NW Ohio. I was born in Sioux City, Iowa but my parents moved to Ohio in 1953. I have four sons and currently have eight grandchildren – 6 granddaughters and 2 grandsons.”

 Random facts about Bob Nailor:

  • Interests: gardening, music, cooking and reading.
  • Owns an RV and loves to travel.
  • Has been in 46 of the 50 states, Hawaii included. “Traveling allows me to add the ambiance to my stories and to some of the characters.”
  • Loves New Age music and his favorite group is Mannheim Steamroller“and not just because of their fabulous Christmas albums.”
  • Used to work with the Boy Scouts.
  • Reads: “A lot of science fiction and fantasy although horror, romance, adventure and other genres are also great reads when they catch my attention.”


What got you into writing?

From about fifth or sixth grade, I got involved in fantasy, action, adventure fiction – namely Tarzan novels – reading everything I could get my hands on, even having the local public library ordering in the ones they didn’t have available.  I watched all the movies with Johnny Weissmuller and Buster Crabbe. Then, in high school, I was introduced to other novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs and I was a lost soul in a sea of wondrous books.


Do you have a lot of time to write?

One would think I should have plenty of time to write but I actually seem to have less now. So, to make sure that things work out correctly, I try to force myself to sit down and write. That doesn’t always work. Today, writing is fun and I find it relaxing. I get to visit those fantastic and strange places within my mind and well, if I don’t come back right away, there is no longer somebody behind me writing on a pink sheet of paper.

I hear you like the paranormal – tell me more?

I became interested in the paranormal and went to a “spiritual” meeting with a friend. I was contacted by my grandfather across the realms and he told me to write. Since my friend didn’t know about my grandfather being Irish and born in Dublin, when the “reader” told me this information, I was convinced – especially when she used the one term my grandfather had taught me (overheard several times) in Gaelic: jackass (so he claims!) – “Don’t be a ‘mahoena,’ Bobby.”

Let’s talk about “52 Weeks of Writing Tips”
It covers a large array of different topics for the writer. It runs the gamut from ‘how to improve dialogue’ to ‘doing edits’ to ‘addessing alien sex’ to ‘using marketing tricks to promote yourself.’
“52 Weeks of Writing Tips”  (to be released 5/1) is about writing. It is a collection of writing tips that started off as a once-a-week post on Bob Nailor’s wesbite.
“A friend suggested I take and combine them into a book so they could be easily accessed via an E-reader. After a little thought, I agreed and took 53 (giving an extra bonus tip) of them – did a little (very minimal) rewrite to offer to the writing public.  The book addresses many issues most writers face including dialogue, character descriptions, creating character depth, sex, aliens, marketing, editing and many other aspects.”
Nailor was a contributing author for “The Guide to Writing Science Fiction – Vol 1” which earned an EPPIE award. He has 4 books himself, 1 released with a co-author. He is also a contributing author to approximately 14 other anthologies and how-to books.
“”52 Weeks of Writing Tips” is my way of sharing the knowledge I have gleaned over the year with both the novice and well-published authors.”
Let’s have a cheeky look at the Contents:
Week 1: Thinking Inside The Box
Week 2: That As●Ing●Ly ~ Editing Tricks
Week 3: Character Descriptions
Week 4: Building A Believable Character
Week 5: Secondary Characters aka Walk-On Characters
Week 6: Sabotaging Character Believability
Week 7: Alien Sex or What To Do When Your Partner Isn’t Human
Week 8: Afterglow: The Real Power Behind A Literary Sexual Encounter
Week 9: Writing and Politics: Parallel Words of Perception
Week 10: Sparky: A New Angle On An Old Story
Week 11: Building A Successful Press Kit
Week 12: A Timely Thought
Week 13: Poetry Fun
Week 14: Youthful Poetry
Week 15: The Top 10 Things You Must Know About Radio Interviews
Week 16: Oh Horrors! Children’s Writing
Week 17: Use Climax In Writing
Week 18: Ten Points On Plotting
Week 19: A Couple Of Horror Secrets
Week 20: Author Websites
Week 21: Freelance: How To Sell Almost Everything You Write
Week 22: Dialogue And Detail
Week 23: Instant Einstein
Week 24: Whose Who’s Whose
Week 25: Point Of View aka POV
Week 26: Dumb Writer Edits
Week 27: By Zombies
Week 28: He Said, She Said
Week 29: POV Revisited – Part 1
Week 30: POV Revisited – Part 2
Week 31: A Good Writer
Week 32: What’s In A Job Title
Week 33: The Editing Process
Week 34: The Writer’s Stream
Week 35: August! The Christmas Rush Is Over
Week 36: How To Write Better and Faster
Week 37: How Much To Pay For Edits
Week 38: Mr. Thesaurus, If You Please
Week 39: Where’s The Caboose?
Week 40: Story Continuity
Week 41: What To Write
Week 42: What’s In A Name
Week 43: Time Warping
Week 44: Fragments
Week 45: Writer’s Conference – A Marketing Tool
Week 46: An Idea Generating Exercise
Week 47: Flashbacks
Week 48: Evil Villains
Week 49: The World According To…
Week 50: Writing A Series
Week 51: Character Details
Week 52: Reading and Writing La-La Land
Bonus Week: War and Sex
About The Author
Other Books By The Author
Sample Read — Pangaea: Eden Lost
“As you can see, a rather eclectic selection of topics. My writing group (a local collection of authors who write fiction and non-fiction) loved “By Zombies” which helps a writer to realize when passive voice is used.”
Thank you, Bob for the interview, and I can’t wait to get a copy of “52 Weeks of Writing Tips” 
Bob Nailor’s website is which is a triple combination site: Author – Editor – Speaker.  Each of them are connected by a “Main” page. 
“52 Weeks of Writing Tips”  is an ebook and will be available at on 5/1:



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